the homecoming

I’m back at home. It’s funny, really. I now have two homes, so what do I call this? maternal? paternal? parental? whatever!! (did you notice? paternal and parental are anagrams! hmmm… I wonder if there’s a story behind that… another of the unsolved mysteries (coincidences??) of life! when I start nesting parenthesis I know I’m digressing 😀 )

For half an hour I felt strange… no, strangely out of place. Funny again, I’ve lived at that home practically all my life! As if on cue, my sis asked me, how do you feel? I smiled uneasily.

Thereafter, it’s been back to normal… with one subtle difference, I get preferential treatment these days 😀
Wonder if this will last for the entire duration that I’m gonna be here… my hubby thinks so, he says I’ll put on a minimum of 3 kgs by the time I’m back home (the other one dumbo! phew! confusing, isn’t it?) That’ll mean I’ll step over the never-before-crossed weight-threshold. Ha ha!! Fat chance!! 😀 (I love these puns)

We have a bet, let’s see who wins 🙂


4 thoughts on “the homecoming

  1. Absolutely… Totally agree 🙂

    Is there a way to create a link from my blog to yours? I dont need to write.. Almost all of our incidents/thoughts match 🙂


  2. [arun]: 😀
    Nope u cannot pass off my ideas as your own, just because they are similar!!
    Btw, I think the incidents/ thoughts that I have should match with those of your wife and not you!!

    [hareesh]: Nope, I will not have my friends supporting him! I know I will win the bet 😀

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