Happy B’day Bloggie! :)

I did talk about my blog turning a year old in a post that I made couple of days back, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of putting in a customary ‘anniversary’ post today 😀

I thought long and hard about what I’d like to write about on this occasion, generally I’ve read people writing about how things have changed since the previous year… so I thought why not write about stuff which hasn’t changed. But as clips from my life of the past year flashed through my mind, I was amazed. There wasn’t a single emotion or relationship or feeling or habit or situation in my life which I could claim as being unchanged.

Yes, few things remain the same, like I am still my parents’ daughter and I still work at the same place… but when I do a re-think I find that the way I interact with my parents today as compared to a year ago is totally different; for that matter, I don’t get to see them for weeks. And when it comes to work, I’ve moved on to a different project, the set of people whom I interact with has changed and so on…if you know what I mean

Then I tried to introspect about myself…surely I wouldn’t have changed as a person? But then, doubts started creeping in – what makes me what I am? My habits, the people around me, my feelings for them, my take on issues, the way I react to situations, my emotions and the reasons behind them… yes a few things like my beliefs and the values that guide me essentially remain the same, probably because they’re engrained and difficult to dislodge, but by and large all the other stuff about me has changed too.

I might have quoted this before; my English teacher in school had once said, ‘Change is the spice of life‘. Her words take on a new meaning as I see it today.

Finally… in my very first post, I had tried to find a reason for me taking to blogging…something that went like…

“May be ‘coz blogging is a fad these days or may be this is my way of tackling monotony and boredom.
Boredom arising out of a home-office-home 10-hour work-day routine, 5 days a week, with the lure and promises of weekend stress-busting fun times with friends, which 90% of the times don’t materialize; thanks to their busy schedules or my familial and social obligations…

At least these reasons haven’t changed… yeah there’re more added to the list…and it no longer is a 10-hour work-day (at least I try to keep it that way!) and no more weekend fun times with friends…

Well…almost! :p


4 thoughts on “Happy B’day Bloggie! :)

  1. hey sweetie.. you still haven’t changed… you have been one of the best I have known putting your thoughts so well.. After all the hectic weeks so far, I was really bored trying to find some change, to keep my pep up. Scrapping you got me to peep into ur bloggies :D.. goodie ones !!
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Hey Anu,

    Definetely now your reasons of blogging wont be to tackle monotony and boredom, becoz you wont have time for that at all 🙂


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