The homing instinct…

It was tea-time and I was telling my colleague about these friends of mine who got married recently and are setting up their home. I was raving about how nice it must be to set up one’s home right from the basics, go shopping for all household items, buy whatever you think your home needs, stuff like… what you think will be just right for that little corner in your room… 🙂 that’s when he gave me this quizzical look and said ‘would you actually enjoy doing all this stuff??’ I said a yes which echoed my incredulity. He said, ‘Do you know what I’d want? I’d want everything set in its place, all ready on a platter for me…’ 😀
That’s when I had one of these flashes of understanding and suddenly it was clear as crystal to me… here’s what I thought…

Girls, after marriage, enjoy setting up a new home. This could be because, having stayed at their parental home all their life, post marriage, they’d suddenly have to start living in a totally new and seemingly strange place. They’d have to alter their way of life considerably to settle down to a new routine, they wouldn’t know if their way of doing things would be the ‘right‘ way, the simple things done their way could go all wrong. It is to get away from such awkward situations that they prefer setting up their home – live life their way, according to the rules they choose to make, sans all other restrictions.

Guys, on the other hand face a similar if slightly different plight. They too, having lived at their parental home, under the loving caress of their mothers, would’ve gotten so used to it that they’d hate changes of any kind. They’d want things to happen the same way as they’ve always been happening. They’d still want their mothers to smother them with love and pamper them silly (??) and wouldn’t want to be at the beck and call of some female who suddenly gains all rights to interfere in their lives! 😀

So at the end of the day, whether it’s a girl or the guy in question, it’s a matter of how we all dislike getting out of the happy comfy zone that our lives would’ve settled into over the years. Sadly in the kind of society we live in, more often than not, it’s the girls who got to give in and compromise on their life styles… but heartily, with changing times, and many guys choosing to settle away from their parental homes, the scene too is changing. And what this implies is the necessity for adjustments and compromises from both sides 🙂


2 thoughts on “The homing instinct…

  1. Woooh.. Yeah.. Now that’s a thought.. It made me think for a while and then say.. Naaah.. If given a chance I’d prefer to re-arrange things and it does not matter if its before marriage or after it..!!

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