Rangoli re-visited

I had gooseflesh when I realized that the topic I was gonna write about was directly related to my blog-name. And then the second spout when I realized that it was exactly a year since I started blogging (well, almost… it’s June 21st to be exact) Freakish?! 😀

Anyway, moving on… have any of you had this sensation where there’s this spurt of joy, pride and a sense of accomplishment all at once in your heart? This was what I felt after my first week of rangoli-duty at my new home 😀 Well, it’s not a duty per-se; I just chose to take over that chore from m-i-l. Now, it’s not that I am an expert in this area, but I’m not a novice either. At home, since we lived on the first floor, this task would rarely fall upon us; my aunt who lived downstairs would invariably end up doing it. It was only on the special occasions like festivals that I and my sis would get down to the task of decorating our courtyard with intricate rangoli designs. But these being big and complicated would warrant a dekko into the now-dog-eared design books.

Coming to the point, the first day I stood with the bowl of fine rangoli powder in hand, I tried recollecting how many small-everyday-kinda designs I knew… sadly I could only think of two! Though a tad worried I thought ‘kal ki kal dekhenge’… post 2 days… forehead still creased… voila! I remembered one more…and one more for the next day. This way, a week went by without me having to repeat a pattern. Boy! Was I thrilled… that’s exactly the feeling I was talking about.

Now, having got hold of more designs from my sis, I’m all the more excited and can’t wait to try them out! 😀 In-fact I was a trifle miffed when I saw my m-i-l with the rangoli bowl today morning… lol!!


2 thoughts on “Rangoli re-visited

  1. congrats on completing one year of blogging!

    hehe..coool! I don’t think many gals know rangoli these days. We also stay on the first floor and you know what, everyday our servant-maid decorates with some simple rangoli! 😀 and as you said, my mom does the duty on festivals with elaborate patterns..

    hehe..another thought comes to my mind. Once in school, I enrolled myself in a rangoli competition!?! God knows why! Between stunning designs, Indian flag, Gandhi’s face etc…my rangoli with asymmetric diamonds looked like a “drishti-bottu” I didn’t even write my name under it! lol!

  2. thanks 😀
    hey that’s nice..guys generally think it’s very ‘uncool’ to participate in stuff like rangoli competitions!
    Your comment also reminded me of the time when me, Shilpa and another friend of ours had participated in a rangoli competition in college on an ethnic day… we came up with this totally innovative design and techniques for colouring etc…and the end result was really very good, inspite of us having to manage our sarees 😀 We did get the 1st prize, it’s a different story altogether that they never gave us anything! 🙂 I still have the snap at home…

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