Back in action

Well, it’s been a month now. The questions have been relentless… how’s your new life? Are you basking in marital bliss? I know you are on cloud nine; still I’d like to know, how do you feel? Do you cook or do you only eat what your m-i-l cooks? So, what does your hubby say now?
Whew! Getting married is no joke! Apart from all the other changes in your life, you have to deal with interrogative sessions like these 🙂

Jokes apart, I know people only mean well… As I’ve been telling them, marriage translates into more responsibilities and adjustments. I can say that I have scaled the first hurdle successfully – the difficult transition in one’s mindset, from being single to no longer being single. I know these are early days yet, but from my month-long experience and from observation, I’ve found that the three most important mantras that make this transition easier are trust, love and most importantly the willingness to accept change – and I don’t just mean this from my perspective, it’s equally relevant for the family that one gets married into.

On that note, here’s wishing loads of happiness and joy to those of my friends who’re gonna jump onto the bandwagon soon… you see, it’s the season for marriages! 😀


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