It’s ta-ta for now…

Finally, I’m off on a nearly month-long hiatus. As the d-day comes closer, if I stop to think, it seems absolutely unrealistic that by this time next week, I’ll be married! Seems like just yesterday that I met him first…and now I’m ready to venture out on the journey of a lifetime, with him as a companion to make the tough times easier and the happy times even happier.

The chaos at home need to be seen to be believed… there’re people, then there’s their stuff and of course, our stuff which was always there and then, stuff bought for the wedding… effectively there’s stuff lying around everywhere! And any semblance of it being my home as I knew it for the past many years has disappeared. What’s more, as the days go by, it’s only more people, more stuff and more pandemonium to follow!

A week more and life will never be the same again… well, one can say, life is already not what it used to be… still, there’re some hours when it is like routine, the eating, sleeping, the family, my sis at home… a few more days and I’ll have to wrench myself away from all this and move into an all new world – a new home, new people, new ways of doing the everyday stuff which I’m so used to for the past years that I don’t even pause to think… everything’s gonna change – will I be able to cope with it all? How long before it will seem like routine again? How am I going to get out of the cushioned, cozy existence within the confines of my parental home, that I’ve had for so long? Scary thoughts, these…

But of course, this gloomy picture is offset by the other bright hues and vision that I can muster… 🙂 ones of the new hopes and dreams, of scripting a new chapter in my life’s story with someone who will care for me like no one has ever done before; of being welcomed into the folds of his family, which will now be mine in addition to the one I already belong to; of sharing life’s joys and trials and tribulations and of trying to make some sense, success and meaning out of the chaotic existence that we’re so used to and are so continually trying to change.

So, as I sign off, I bid adieu to my carefree girl-hood days and wish myself luck as I take my first steps into the unexplored realms of matrimony 😀


6 thoughts on “It’s ta-ta for now…

  1. awwww, and there she goes…a blushing and happy and shy ‘maduvanagitti’ looking coyly at the groom!!

    may you and your hubby have a truly blessed life! be with your hubby always. and tell him to start blogging, i wanna leave comments there too.

    always wondered…how it feels for a girl to be a bride and stop being a girl anymore….you have written about so well!!

    share the love and pain and happiness. a bindi on a forehead, a madarangi on the hands and a gejje on the feet…such cute symbols!!

    it will all go well and come back to the blog and share the joys with us.


  2. shaadi ka laddu aisa jo kaaye woh pachtaye aur ko na khaye woh bhi pachta ye 😉

    All the best to u lady. Hv a gr8 life ahead.

  3. I wish you all the best too! Wish you a very happy married life! 🙂

    (I am extremely sorry that I could not make it to your wedding. But my wishes were always there. It was raining marriages that day.. 🙂 )

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