Spring in the air

…is what I remember when I see the roads covered in a white carpet of the hoMge flowers. I don’t know what the tree is called in English, but come Spring, the roadside trees, at-least as I see in my locality, are full of these small flowers – they look more like buds which couldn’t wait to bloom and fell to kiss the earth instead. And the smell…ahh… late evenings, empty roads, sultry light breeze… not cool but with a trace of the noon’s scorching heat… u walk and it slowly but surely floats down to you…the mild fragrance…Spring telling it in style… “Yes, I am here…”

Dunno about the rest, but I sure am happy to be alive on days like these 🙂


9 thoughts on “Spring in the air

  1. yes, me too! I guess we had this poem in 3rd/4th std and I remember our Kannada teacher had got us all to sing it in a tune she had composed 😀
    It went something like… koovu jhag jhag poovi Toovi Tavvu…isn’t it?

  2. Heh. Thats true.. But frm the past couple of days, once I get to back home all that I smell is paint.. we are having the house painted again and its tough to stay indoors due to the strong orour.. And come to office its some thing that I’m not really sure of but can definitely tell that it makes u wanna throw up..!! And this is all around the office..!! So, all that I wanna say is feels good thinking abt all that u have described..!! Thanks.. 🙂

  3. u bet! my fav is the tree which has the lilac floweres….u shd chk out the Gulmohars on the 17th cross Malleshwaram bridge @ the peak of Spring…its a colour bananza!

  4. [Hareesh] – hey I love the smell of fresh paint too 😀
    U need to do other stuff apart from just going to office and getting back home, if u have to enjoy smells that I describe. It shouldn’t be too difficult, these trees abound in your locality 🙂
    [Sandeep] – that’s one road I love travelling in…wheee…going down the slope 😀 Yeah I know those lilac flowers…I remember there used to be one such tree near the national school circle, that used to look absolutely gorgeous in the summers…but now its no longer there as the flyover is built 😦

  5. hmm…strange…bangaloreans speak about a gulmohar tree on 17 th cross…and think of it…I grew up right next to western ghats and evergreen forestes and abhayaranyas of uttara kannada :). and we had usual visitors like beeeeg boas, nagara haavu (reminds me of another nice kiddy song — nagara haave, haavolu hoove, baa baa baa baa), chiratey, huli, nari, mungasi (too common), groups of wild monkeys, migrating birds chased by local gangs of crows, kattey kiruba, kad naye and the many more. and forget about a beautiful glmohar tree, there were miles of tress and dense vegetation around. and you should try sitting on highgrounds on western ghats when it rains and it rains on kaadu for miles along. i was lucky!!!

    nice poem btw. bendre was gifted!!


  6. One more stretch is the road from windsor manor bridge towards kaveri theatre.. there are some 4/5 trees in a row and it looks wonderful 🙂

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