The roads less crowded had me wondering… realization dawned when I saw a few jumpy, giggling girls get down a bus, their hands coloured a bright yellow. Of course, today is Holi 🙂

The word Holi brings back memories from my high school days. It was a day, a bunch of us would dread going to school, while another bunch would rub their hands in glee. Invariably it would be the time of the year when there would be a series of teary farewells and send-offs being planned for the final year students. I remember one such Holi vividly. It was the year we were in the 9th standard and being the immediate juniors, had the thankless job of organizing a farewell party for the seniors. The day this had to happen turned out to be Holi. The holi-playing gang had come fully prepared, with loads of colours and buckets of water and were hatching plans to trap us bakras & bakris at the most inopportune moment.
Late evening after all the sing-a-songs and ding-a-dongs and teary farewells, me, Sa and Si furtively and stealthily made our way out of the school grounds. Just as we were heaving sighs of relief, we spotted the guys-gang waiting for unsuspecting victims at the road corner! My-oh-my, did we run that day?! We could’ve easily won a sprint if there was any. While myself and Sa gave them the slip, we could only watch helplessly as the slow runner Si had her spotlessly-white uniform doused in multi-coloured waters and worse still, had her hair conditioned with egg yolk!

Jokes apart, that’s one thing I totally dislike about this festival – the liberties people take in the name of celebrating with colours. It’s absolutely disgusting when people go about throwing eggs and stuff and that too at total strangers who are minding their own business on the streets. The festive occasion brings joy only when it is celebrated with the complete consent of the people involved, any kind of forceful liberties taken with unsuspecting victims spoil the fun, is my strong opinion.

A much happier and fun-filled memory of Holi I have is from my engineering days. The final year, a bunch of us decided to have a blast on this occasion. Around 7 of us girls, dressed in old clothes, got together at Sh’s house on the holi afternoon. 13th A Main, Malleshwaram being the quiet street that it is, was the perfect setting for a colourful riot we had. Sh’s sister had the gulals and the coloured waters ready and we created a ruckus splashing each other and turning ourselves into unrecognizable beings. We even clicked a few snaps to remind ourselves of unrestrained joy we had. But the best part about that day was the after-play events – the hour long hot scrubby bath and the sumptuous feast that Sh’s adorable mom had prepared to feed our growling-with-hunger tummies! Slurp!

On that happy note, here’s wishing you all a very happy and colourful Holi! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Holi-day!

  1. Though I used to played a bit with gulals and colours on the Holi day during my childhood…I somehow didn’t whole-heartedly enjoy the messy festival..hehe 😀
    Happy Holi to you too! 🙂

  2. Absolutely agree that celebrations should be with the consent of the all people involved, especially when celebration is more than pooja and pet pooja 🙂

  3. [w_u]: No, my ss does not have a blog.
    The connection is oli? 😀
    [raghu]: yup I agree that it is a rather messy festival 😀
    [Arun]: totally agree, read the saddening news about the deaths caused by hooliganism in the name of Holi in some parts of India, that’s what I don’t like about the festival 😦

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