Saturday’s food for thought

Finally I found some dough to keep my blog alive… two incidents that set me thinking today

* Scene 1 – Bank near my house
Scenario – The bank has been there for a long time, replete with the same old, known faces and even older computers if you can call those dabbas that. Of late, the bank administration has decided to go in for a complete make-over of the looks and the facilities that they offer. Result is a swanky new place with a new layout and the bank-staff armed with brand new black Dell computers. The upside, is the change by itself, which was much needed and long overdue. The downside, of course is the reigning confusion after all the re-organization.

So that’s how I found myself at the door-steps of the bank on a hot Saturday mid-morning, waiting to collect the pass-book with the updated new account number. Apart from all the changes in the set-up, they had obviously decided to change the timings as well, which was not communicated to the customers. After 20 mins of sun-baking, when I finally went in, what did I find? Surprise of surprises, there were actually queues being formed at the counters! This was a shocker ‘coz this bank had always been one of the most-crowded and chaotic places I’d seen. But after standing in the queue for a few minutes, I realized that the people around me weren’t actually jumping with joy at the new-found changes. There were grumbles all around – the earlier system was good (system? what system? I hadn’t seen any!!), this is not gonna work, these people have become so slowhow will I ever reach office? – were some of the grouses I heard.

Agreed, the bank staff was a little slow in dealing with the requests, but this wasn’t surprising because it was new systems and a new application that they had to work with. Anybody will take time to get adjusted to a new way of working. I wondered… why are we so reluctant to accept change in our lives? Everyone wants everything to work the same always, no matter how outdated or inefficient it might have become in the process. I know it’ll only be a matter of few days before the staff gets a hang of things and so will the customers and then it’ll be a part of life. As I write this I remember the words of my English teacher in school; on the day of our farewell, when all of us were a little sad, she’d said “Change is the spice of life”… it rings so true, but sadly, it’s rarely accepted easily.

*Scene 2 – in office
Scenario – yeah, it’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had to come in the weekend to wrap up a few things at work. A few minutes after I’m settled at my comp, my colleague walks in with our office’s lead security person in tow, looking flustered and absolutely at war with the world.

As we look on, it isn’t difficult to grasp the gist of what’s happened. Having worked late the previous night, this colleague has come in today without the access card. Not having found it at home, she has assumed that it’s probably at her desk. She’s said the same to the security guard when he’s stopped her at the reception. Now, after the IISc attack, things have been a lot stricter with regard to employees and their access into the office premises. The guards have been instructed to be relentless in this regard and this man here was doing his job. The rule is, if one doesn’t have an access card, one has to summon his/her PM or someone who can identify the person and only then a temporary access ID is issued. The colleague in-spite of having known this is rather unhappy with the behaviour of the security guard.

I wondered about the way both my colleague and the guard had reacted, was that right? Obviously the blame lies with both of them. The guard while doing his duty should’ve been a little considerate and courteous in his talk; after all we are employees working here since years. And the colleague should have realized that it’s after all the guard’s job and shouldn’t have taken his words personally.
Sometimes we get so involved in doing our jobs that we tend to forget basic courtesies like talking politely to the people we interact with…and snapping at them becomes a way of life! Again… a rather sad truth.


3 thoughts on “Saturday’s food for thought

  1. Nice to see that you are back 🙂
    Scene 1 reminds me of ‘Who moved my cheese’ and scene 2 is the same story in every company, people are so happy if the security smiles and allows them to enter w/o showing their badge, if he by any chances ask for the badge, they are all GRRRR!

  2. hey, did you smell the aroma of the ootad-dabbas of the bank employees? when I was a keeed, I thought people come to banks to have a picnic :)). and 20 years back, ‘working in a bank’ was a prestigious job for a young lady from a middle-cllased-family. times have changed, have not they?

    and avoid snappy ladies at work. and the ones who work late into nights. it is very important to know the security guards and amile at them and talk to them…you will never know when they are needed!! “yenree Raju, hegideera” once a month will make sure the Raju, the security dude in khakhee will know you.

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