Home Alone

A weekend passes by, turns out to be an occasion for several firsts. The suddenness of the trip and the impending exams pave the way for solitude. Solitude – freedom, scope for unlimited introspection, singing sans restrain – curious how the voice sounds so much more soulful and melodious when it’s alone; loads of household chores and some culinary experimentation too – minimal describes it best. A night spent with a friend, talking into the wee hours and waking up bleary-eyed to a day full of possibilities – possibilities which remain just that.

Amazing, the kind of effects dabbling in culinary activities can cause… lingering doubts– ranging from the quantity of water to the order of ingredients. Equally fascinating, the tricks played by sounds and silence in harmony with solitude. Sounds unheard of, ubiquitous all at once; rustles and whispers sneaking around the house. An absorbing battle that ensues between drowsy eyes and perky ears. Doors those look impregnable in broad daylight raise doubts and frowns as darkness creeps in. Curtains inadequate and the street-lights too bright. Nights too long and too full of not-so-pleasant possibilities. A feeling of unending expentancy, lying awake listening to water drip from a tap some place. Weird dreams and stranger interpretations. A confusing feeling of laziness co-existing with the thirst for action.

These and many more… a novel experience for sure…


5 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Well written…esp. about the solitude thing. I prefer solitude sometimes, an opportunity for the mind to introspect as you rightly said.
    And, all the best! 🙂

  2. kelasavillada badagi ……

    kheeeee kheeeee!!!

    btw, why do I get this deja-vu that some of your phrases just roam around the WWW world?


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