jhamela jhumko ka

I was late again. This was now becoming a routine… especially so on days when I had to wash my hair… but I don’t have a choice, it’s not a problem solved by getting up early, the bathroom will be occupied anyway. Gee…there I go finding excuses! 😀

To make matters worse, I couldn’t find my chunni! I called out to my sis, thinking may be she’d know… what followed was one of our usual altercations. It was the blame-game replayed all over again… my sis was complaining that earlier in the week I hadn’t helped her look for the same chunni and so it was revenge time. That made me all the more cranky, I argued back – that was a different scene, it wasn’t important to look for it then… but now, I was getting late for work. Finally after rummaging in the cupboards and exchanging a few more words, I was ready. I walked out in a huff, without even saying a proper good-bye.

An hour later, I walked into office. One look at the mirror in the ladies room and I stood still! How could I’ve possibly done this, I thought… I remembered wearing a pair of small dainty jhumkas before starting from home, but… what I saw now were 2 different pieces, each taken from 2 different but similar looking pairs!!
Sigh! the price one has to pay for a simple early-morning argument…I thought wryly…

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