the walk

She was walking fast, she always walked fast, but today she wanted to reach… reach where? she asked herself… shaking her head, she continued to pick her way amongst the stones which used to once line the pavement… it was always the same story… one or the other of these government agencies would dig up the roads with some pretext and everything would be in a disarray! tcha! they don’t even bother to clean up the slush left behind by all the digging, she thought angrily… where was one supposed to walk? the pavements were all dug up and the roads weren’t safe any longer. And this road, though frequented by several vehicles, hardly had any pedestrians, especially at this time of the day…and all those stories one heard these days…she shivered involuntarily and quickened her steps… what if somebody in a cycle sneaked up from behind? She looked back to reassure herself…

Good, she could see the temple now…a few more paces and she’d be there…at-least there’d be a crowd around that place… suddenly she was startled…somebody had stopped by her and was asking if she’d like a lift! She didn’t know how to react… instinctively she looked at the vehicle, it was a kinetic nova… as she stood blank, the guy raced away…she walked on… she wondered about the audacity of that guy…imagine stopping a girl, who’s a stranger on a busy road and offering a lift! what had been her reaction? had she looked angry? nah… she would’ve looked shocked at the most… had she stopped in her tracks? she couldn’t remember a thing…did she know the guy, by any chance? did anybody in their road have a black kinetic nova? Not that she knew of… it was scary, somehow… she was used to traveling and walking in these roads, but this was a first for her… she would have to be careful… times were changing… the walk wasn’t going to be easy…


6 thoughts on “the walk

  1. times were changing… the walk wasn’t going to be easy…
    times surely are getting worse for everybody, more so for young women.. 😦
    I hope she has a safe, enjoyable walk to her destination 🙂

  2. have eyes on your back. a cobra spray (what izzit) as mentioned by “Jedu Joshwin” will be much helpful. be careful and never lose that common sense. there is nothing to feel bad about, such experiences do happen.

  3. [raghu]: I hope so too!
    [arun]: though this wasn’t about me, nevertheless thanks, I do take care…
    [vedu]: whazzat?? I’ve heard of pepper sprays, but never a cobra spray!!
    [w_u]: thanks, but again, there’s no reason for me to feel bad!
    [all]: Wish people would start believing that I do have the capacity to write some fiction, though not frequently, atleast once in a while! Its exasperating how they just assume that it’s always my story that I’m telling 😦

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