After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that one seldom gets what one wants in life. Life is more or less a series of compromises that one needs to make for various reasons.
Yes, there are a few who manage to get things exactly the way they want it to be… but this does not imply that they will always remain happy with what they get. On the contrary, people who choose to compromise might turn out to be at peace with them-selves on most occasions.
Probably it’s all got to do with expectations… when one is ready for anything, the expectations are set very low, hence the joys are more and disappointments less, and probably this works out to be just the opposite in the other case…


5 thoughts on “life-truths…

  1. Looks like we are sailing in the same boat… Wish God gives you the strength and courage to face the realities in whatever path you choose, rather, left upon…

  2. Bingo! Expectation is at the root of all negative feelings…
    I don’t know how far this would make sense to you 🙂 but I would like to share what I try to do when something doesn’t go according to my wishes. I immediately start looking at the larger picture of my life. I start asking myself “Is this the final thing in my life? Does my entire life converge into this one thing which didn’t go my way?” Obviously, the answer turns out as “No” in almost all the cases. Life is much more than disappointments. Thinking about life from a holistic angle and reducing expectations definitely helps one remain at peace with oneself. But, we have to strive for it sometimes though. 🙂

  3. [arun]: not just u and me, I think all of us keep sailing in such boats intermittently 🙂
    [raghu]:it definitely makes sense, I agree looking at the larger picture always helps, but what if it is the bigger picture that is in question? do we look at the big-big picture, like the point of human existence? 😀
    [w_u]:one should do some serious contemplation once in a while, it’s good for health 😀

  4. [anu]: hehe..actually, it is quite interesting to think about big-big questions (even though we aren’t capable of answering! 😀 ) sometimes with a positive frame of mind. 🙂

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