New year begins…

Not a single post since the new year dawned. Teena pointed this out to me today. Nah… it’s not any new year resolution of mine to post less frequently… just that I’ve had nothing to write about.

I must say, it has been a good beginning… I won a cash prize in office for getting one of the guess-when predictions right; our CEO periodically sends out these snapshots of the organizational happenings and sets these predict-the-$x-quarter-teasers. And I, who has never won a stick when it comes to lucky-dips, actually was one of the winners in this contest!! LOL!

Right from the days when we wore knee length pinafores and went around selling raffle tickets to neighbourhood uncles and aunties (whom we’d otherwise see only once a year on Ganesh chaturthi), baiting them with the high-probability of their winning the grand lucky-dip jackpot at the school carnival, I’ve been a no-winner 😦
At all HHFs and ICEs I’d watch enviously as friends and strangers alike would walk away with the tantalizingly packed surprise gifts. I’d play the seemingly-easy, sundry games hoping that maybe, just maybe, this once I’ll win something, but always to no avail. I’d always play the housie, be it at the college fairs or the colony-picnics, enthused that I should win at least one prize, armed with a strip of housie tickets, but… nope, never would that happen.

Just to illustrate the surety of my no-winning habit when it comes to these games, here’s a bit of trivia. At our annual carnival last year, as I was walking around musing about how I’d spend all those stall-tickets that I’d bought, looking at the serpentine queues at each gaming-stall, I spotted this game. It was simple, so simple that even I, eternal pessimist that I am when it comes to try-your-luck-games, brightened at the chances that I had. There were a set of around 10 multi-coloured boxes, their lids open. One had to close these boxes with their lids, blindfolded. If one got the colours right for more than 5 boxes, one would get a prize. Simple na? Nah… one needs an Anu to make the possible improbable 😀 When I was through with my set of boxes, I’d managed a never-done-before-feat of getting a mismatch with every single box! I toldja! That’s my luck!

Now you know the reason for this rhapsody at being a lucky-winner. But, I must add, it wasn’t purely luck, even in this case, I was one of the first few people to have made the right prediction and hence was chosen. But still, a prize is a prize is a prize, more so when it comes along one’s way unexpectedly 😀
May be, this is the proverbial bend in the road, the intermission after which there’s a twist in the tale… hope **fingers crossed** lady luck has decided to shower a few smiles my way too! Amen!


10 thoughts on “New year begins…

  1. thanks dearie 🙂
    Happy new year to u too!
    As for ur new year happenings, why worry? I’m sure there’s definitely something much better and exciting lined up for you this year! 😉

  2. ok…I find these phrases too weird — “happy new year hudugi” (is this the one of the muvvie titles?) and “toldja that” ….

    a jewel of a suggestion to you…you can not have lady luck on your side if you aspire too much…just push off all those thinkings of thrill of win…when you pretend to be not intersted too much, lady luck will run behind you and for you….when you show your rapt interst in her, she will run away from you. ku-vem-pu said “bittarey himbalisuttadey, bennattidarey odu-ttadey”

    what a jewel of a thought to write on a Sunday evening!!

    hey btw, I had won a packful of cigarettes in some ‘throw-the-ring-and take-what-the-ring-falls-on’ and since I did not smoke, I did not claim the prize…(now I wish I should have thrown the ring at Deanne Lew!!)…and some lunchie-box which had words HP on it and I could not carry it when I moved…I had rather win the heart of a chubby-cute than the millions and zillions materials in the world!!

    again, what a cute thought to have on a Sunday evening!!

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