Get together

At last it happened, the much-discussed but always-put-off get-together of our class, batch of ’99, EC, UVCE. Confirmations from a decent number of people could finally be elicited to fix a date and Christmas-day it was to be.

I must say that quite a few people turned up, getting together a bunch of 30-40 guys and gals, 2 and a half years after they’ve graduated is no mean task; what with reasons ranging from I-gotta-work-this-weekend to its-my-best-friend’s-wedding to I’ll-most-probably-be-out-of town and so on and so forth.
Again it was J who took the lead, as he’d done with the organization of our final-year-trip and scores of other events (sometimes I wonder why none of us except him, ever had the least bit inclination or drive to organize anything, it was so back then and so it remains today), along with R (whom we finally got to spend some money, phew!! ’twas quite a challenge!) and B(who took the responsibility of spamming our mail boxes with loads of mails on the much-hyped-reunion, replete with horrible spelling and horrendous grammar! :D) I did my bit too, sending a touching-conscience-striking mail to the gals group who, sadly still need repeated virtual-jibes-in-the-arms to pull them out of inaction πŸ˜‰

Accordingly, a party-hall was booked in one of those convenient ring-road-hotels made just for the occasion, with lunch thrown in. We started off with the (our-now-) traditional cake at the hands of the otherwise elusive S and F, amidst all the digicam clicks and flashes. This was followed by the formation of 5 groups of 6-odd members each, obviously for the purpose of getting us to do something – the brainchild of the cul-committee, read: V and K. After much confusion when the teams were formed, much to our chagrin we were asked to do one of those done-to-death sing-a-song routines! Reluctantly, guys managed to warble a few verses and decided it was time for lunch πŸ˜€
Unfortunately the hotel guys had other ideas – ‘lunch isn’t ready’ was the message. This was cue for the cul-committee to be in action and again it was to be songs (groan!!), from the latest movies. Talk of ghise-pite-formulae! After 3 such rounds of groans and songs, each time the groans getting louder (bolstered with the growing-tummy-grumbles) and the songs meeker, it was finally time for lunch.

Post lunch, a few people decided they’d had enough and khisko-fied silently, before the tummy-full-in-a-sleepy-mood-junta took notice. While the rest of us were loitering around exchanging notes and gossip in the usual groups, somebody had the brainwave of having musical chairs. Within no time, all the chairs in sight were lined up and the music system checked out to see if the idea was feasible. This was after another round of flashes and clicks, this time for the group photos.
It turned out to be musical mayhem. The fact that the music system was placed in another room with only the speakers in the hall didn’t help matters; neither did the music that was played – some nondescript, slow, sleepy god-knows-kahan-se-utha-laaye-hue Hindi songs. Chaos doesn’t begin to describe it, people didn’t wanna move forward, some carried the chairs with them, others plonked themselves down every 5 seconds, some just decided to stay put in one place and watch the fun. By the end of it, most of us had jaw-aches and some even tears in their eyes, laughing πŸ™‚

After most of us had sobered down enough to be able to discern something intelligible said to us, we decided to play dumb charades. Now, DC is something we’ve always enjoyed, right from our college days when, any free time and we’d start the enacting and guessing game. It’s no wonder that we have a few DC champs in our batch who were worthy representatives of our class in our seen-to-be-believed-kinda-good college DC-gangs.
We formed 2 teams and it was decided that each one would get a chance to enact while his team guessed the movie name, given by the other team. We had a blast, it was like good-old-times, with lot of cheers and jeers, frantic hand/ leg/ facial movements trying to get the morons of your team to guess a simple name, hi-fives when there were guesses without the guy having to move a muscle… in all, loads of fun.

Finally, after a round of chai, it was time to say good bye. There was the usual lists drawn up of all email-ids and phone numbers and instructions to upload the cam-clicks into a common repository, before all of us bid farewell to each other; a smile on our lips after a day well spent, catching up with old friends and memories and a promise to keep meeting, even as we go ahead on our own paths in life’s journey.


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