fone-in fundas

Was listening to the radio a few days back…it was one of those several phone-in-request shows that are always on air these days, in one or more stations… I have always wondered about these people who religiously call in, day in and day out and request for songs/ express their opinions on any given sundry topic … what makes them do it? I for instance would never even consider calling up a radio/ TV show and requesting them to play a song in dedication to a friend/ loved one…

1. Why would I want to broadcast on the radio/ tv when I can always meet/mail/call up a friend? I couldn’t care less if the world knew/cared about my (non-)interests in dedications!!
2. It would be too much of a hassle to keep redialing those numbers that the RJs/anchors dutifully read out every 5 mins during the course of the 30-min-show… even if I get through, what would I say?? I have always been disbelieving when people call up and say stuff like they’re delighted to be talking to so&so person, that they never miss a show of such&such a program, that their day is made now that they’ve spoken to blah… blah…

Scores of times people around me (read: my family) have been subjected to questions like ‘who exactly are these people who call in?’ ‘What do they do for a living that they have all the time in the world to make these calls, to multiple shows, multiple times a day?’ And some wise deductions have been – shopkeepers, retired people, people getting home early from work, college students at home during hols etc… hmm… makes sense.

Also, recently I noticed an interesting aspect about these callers… either they’re these boisterous, ultra happy dudes and dudettes, vociferous in their claims of delight at having the opportunity of speaking with the esteemed RJs or these really subdued, shy speakers who need to be prodded and pleaded to find their voices (why go to all that trouble if all u wanna do is get the call over and heave a sigh of relief??)

Strange, isn’t it? But it’s true… almost all the guys/ gals who phone into these shows fall into one of these two categories. Just observe the next time u tune into one such show…


5 thoughts on “fone-in fundas

  1. phone madodru phone madtarey….haad keloru haad keltarey….haad haakoru haad haktarey…bere-yavrige yen kashta?

    blog bare-yovru blog bareetarey, comment bare-yovru comment baritarey …


  2. hmmmm…. sorry to disagree here… one of my close friends was on air some time back… and I dont think he falls into either of these 2 categories… he is a normal guy 🙂

  3. [w_u]: Absolutely! To each, his own, eh?
    [arun]: My intention was not to hurt anybody’s sentiments and neither am I saying that they’re abnormal people… just that I can’t identify with them 🙂

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