yaava mOhana muraLi…

In one of my previous posts, I had wrongly mentioned that the song “yaava mOhana muraLi” from the movie “America America” is sung by Rathnamala Prakash and C Ashwath. I believed so all these days… my blooper came to light this Sunday when we were watching the show “Kuhoo kuhoo” on Ushe TV, the guest this week was Sangeeta Katti and she sang the above song. The credits showed that she had accompanied Raju Anantaswamy in singing the original song for the movie.

To confirm, I re-listened to the song today… of course, it was true (what did I expect??) I don’t know how I could’ve been mistaken in recognizing what I thought was Ashwath’s voice (Sangeeta does sound a little like R.Prakash though). Anyway, my apologies to the singers concerned… not that they would ever know that they weren’t given due credit, but still, the worst experience for a singer is when his/ her song is appreciated in somebody else’s name!

Here’re the lyrics for the complete song, as written by Shri. Gopala Krishna Adiga, only the first 2 and the last 3 verses have been used in both the movie and the Mysore Anantaswamy–composed versions… the other verses are just as beautiful…


9 thoughts on “yaava mOhana muraLi…

  1. I have listened to this over and over again to try and understand the meaning… but fail everytime 😦

    Donno why I like these two lines very much: “vivashavayitu praana ha …. Iruvudellava Bittu…”

  2. I don’t know what Adiga was trying to put into words….maybe it was “Radha” mourning the departure of “Kreeeshana”….any of you tru bloo Bangaloreans know? it is strange how some misinterpret…there was a poem by Bendre and then a muvvie song on that — “nee hinga noda byada nanna, nee hinga nodidara nanna, tirugi na henga nodalee ninna”….and all the “padde”s thought it was a love song…Bendre wrote that song based on the circumstances of his kid’s death…he could not see his wife crying….

    over and out

  3. Your posts are very interesting. 🙂

    I think the original “yaava mohana” by Ratnamala Prakash is a masterpiece…isn’t it? I don’t think the one in the movie comes close to it…my thoughts, anyway.
    And ofcourse, the verses are beautiful as you said.

    • i felt the movie version is much better for it is effectively used to depict the depart of 2nd hero, and thought too in USA..the lyrics perfectly fits the story and fantstaic music by manomurthy. so i liked the movie version, may be because i heard this song first in movie, than the bhavageethe of r.prakash. i felt sangeetha katti’ and Raju have done wonderful job in this song.

  4. [arun and w_u]: I’ve been doing some asking around to find what exactly GKA had in mind when he wrote this song… and I might have something 🙂 Will post an update soon
    [raghu]: thanks 🙂 and may I return the compliment?
    As for the 2 versions, I love both of them dearly to say one is better than the other, I think both are beautiful in their own different ways

  5. a very heart touching song..am very curious to know why, and what made Gopala krishna adiga to write this song..? can someone pls comment.

    and hats off to Nagatihalli for using it in his movie and made it even famous with wonder picturisatin and putting it timely scene in that movie..fantastic..

    what an irony..the song applies to Raju anantha samy as well, who left us in the middle of his life jouruney..this is songs is for all the beloved ppl of us who left thier moemories..

  6. this song rocks like hell. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG!!..
    This movie is so sad but this song gives me a lot of knowledge about life.
    A heart touching song.

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