Life goes on…

Dialling…. home…
trrrrrrrrring trrrrrrrrrrring…

@Home – Hello
Me – Hello
Me – haan majestic bus hattiddini
(have boarded a bus going to majestic…)
@Home – howda? / eega horaTeya? / yakishTu laeTu?
(Is it? / u’re starting now???? / why so late??)
Me – hmm… kelasa… allinda matte phone maDthini…
(had work… will call again from majestic)
@Home – ok, bye
Me – bye

30-45 mins later….

Dialling…. home…
trrrrrrrrring trrrrrrrrrrring…

@Home – Hello
Me – Hello

Me – majestic inda bus hattiddini…
(have boarded a bus from majestic)
@Home – ok, RT Nagar bus-a? seat sikta?
(Is it a bus going towards RT Nagar? do u have a seat to sit?)
Me – hmmm… haan siktu
(yes, i have)
@Home(if it’s my dad) – maLe bartidya? chattri ideya? sweater haakonDidya?
(is it raining? are u carrying an umbrella? hope u’re wearing a sweater?!)
Me – hmmm…. hmmm… ok, bartini
(yes… will come home soon)
Me- bye
@Home – bye

On certain days, post one such conversation, I wonder about the futility of me carrying a mobile, if this is gonna be the extent of my daily conversation on it. At such times, I’m madly tempted to dump it somewhere!
This will be followed by a longing for the existence of some being somewhere whom I can just dial and say “Come and pick me up at so&so time” or “I’ll meet you for coffee at such&such place” without having to answer questions and give reasons to anybody. Sigh!

Thankfully, I know, this too shall pass and believe me, it does. It’s only when one has gawking middle-aged men and cranky aunties for company on a bus journey that one is troubled by doubts…
Well… life goes on!


5 thoughts on “Life goes on…

  1. ahem ahem…it is not too deeeefi-cult to have that “someone”. all it takes is some dare and willingness to accept one as one is. best of luck!!

    may love be in the air. may yu be blessed.

  2. [w_u]: thanks for the advice and blessings, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that ‘someone’ u know; I was also thinking of a helpful cousin or a protective bro who would happily do the job of an escort 😀
    That’s why I said ‘some being’ and not ‘special someone’ :p
    [vedu]: some days it’s tea and some days it’s good old filter kaapi 🙂

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