A friend of mine, here in office, complains that I ask too many questions and it irritates him no end.
Hmm… that set me thinking. I decided to consciously try and avoid asking questions. It was nearly impossible!
Aren’t most of our conversations made up of questions and answers tossed back and forth, in one form or the other? How does one communicate interactively, armed with just a set of bland statements? I think q&a’s are essential to make a conversation juicy 😀

If u observe, there’re 2 questions in the 7 odd lines above :p
But, what the heck! no regrets! 🙂

One thought on “QnA

  1. one more hai-koo

    the child asks the mom, where is the moon

    the mom shows where is moon, she points at it

    the next time

    the child need not ask questions

    where the moon is

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