Trip down memory lane…

I am extremely bored today. So much so that I’ve started wondering about stuff which are best not-wondered-about and left alone!
Well, this boredom has also brought on a wave of nostalgia. Today morning I wrote a long senti mail to two of my best friends from engineering days… (the fact that both of them are currently miles away from Bangalore added a lot to the senti-factor :D)

College was so much fun, especially the final year, when we had the all-important-project-work to do, or so we pretended! After classes ended at around 2, the three of us, myself, Shar and Shil would invariably land up at Shil’s house. It was a small house in one of the lanes along 18th cross; dear little house, small in size but there are voluminous memories associated with it. The first thing we’d do was settle down to have a sumptuous lunch, Shil’s mom was a very good cook and there would always be lip-smacking stuff, rotis, sabzi, rice and of course, the churmure which were almost always available, miraculously. Once we’d managed to finish lunch with all the college gossip, we’d drag our lazy bums to the computer to get some work done. Now it being a small house, the comp was kept on a low table in the sitting area, right as one entered and only one of us could sit in front of it to work at a time. Invariably, Shar would get to do the honours. I would make myself comfortable, lolling on my stomach on the diwan against which she’d lean with the keyboard on her outstretched legs; giving her the odd suggestion to do this or that.

Meanwhile, where was dear Shil? She’d make numerous trips to the kitchen to fetch eatables (yeah even after that sumptuous lunch!!) amidst arguments with Shar on why something should not be done the way it was being done! We’d do this for sometime before our fights would wake Shil’s mom from her afternoon nap and then she’d make that delicious hot masala tea for us (the best masala chai that I’ve ever had in my life! yummm)! After tea and more snacks (yeah again! makes us seem like bakasuris, doesn’t it?? :D) we’d continue bickering till late evening when I and Shar would have to leave for home, but not before lamentations of having wasted so much time and fervent promises and decisions to do better work on the ‘morrow. This wouldn’t happen in less than another half an hour at the gate; we’d finally say our good byes and ride home.

Sigh! Those were the days… so carefree and such unadulterated, absolute fun; though at the time our problems seemed insurmountable, now they seem so small and unimportant. Why is it always so? The problems of the past seem insignificant in the present, once we’ve gotten over them…(there I go wondering again!!)

I’ll sign off by saying girlies, thanks for all those wonderful times that we shared together! I’m missing u both terribly… come back soon so we can get back together and have more such days to cherish 🙂


6 thoughts on “Trip down memory lane…

  1. Hey Anu,
    Reading your blog had me walking down memory lane too.Who can ever forget those good ole college trips.Those were the days, i miss ’em real bad too 🙂

  2. Life is always fun when we have overcome problems and remember how we did that. Cheer up…learn to accept new friends too and this will fetch you more fun for sure 🙂

  3. Hey, being nostalgic doesn’t mean I’m unhappy! I was just reminiscing about the college days… I have made other friends and have loads of fun with them too! 🙂

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