As the time flies…

What pictures come to mind when one thinks of the different times of a day?

Early morning – misty, chilly weather, the strains of MSS singing ‘Kausalya Supraja…’ (the Suprabhatam must qualify as the most divine song ever sung!), the wafting aroma of fresh filter coffee, the ladies of the household drawing lines of rangoli at their doorsteps, the municipal workers sweeping the streets, the milk vendor, the newspaper boy on his bicycle doing their rounds, aunties and uncles venturing out on their morning walks, some with their dogs in tow, the pleasing fragrance of fresh jasmine from the assortment of flowers in the florist’s basket…

Mid afternoon – hot, sleepy air… people staying indoors within the cool confines of their homes, a stray dog walking the streets looking for a spot of shade beneath the trees or a parked car, roads less crowded with the shutters being down on most shops, a lone vendor selling his goods, making rounds even as the sun beats down on him, calling out loud… “steel saamaan…”(which to this day, I think, sounds exactly like Inzamaam!!! :D) or the guy selling ice-candy / ‘ajji koodlu‘ (the fluffy, white sweet-meat which derives this name from it’s resemblance to grandma’s hair!)

Evening – it’s hustle and bustle everywhere, shouts and cries in the air as little girls play ‘kunte-bille‘ (hopscotch)/hide-n-seek and boys of all ages playing, what-else but cricket?! Aunties exchanging “coffee aayta?” and local gossip with their neighbours, markets crowded with people going about their shopping and shop keepers doing brisk business, strains of “Radio City… 91 FM” from the autos and cars heading homewards…

Early night – flickering streetlights with the twinkling stars, rush of the company buses/ vans ferrying the people back home after a hard day’s work, TVs blaring the evening news, ladies of the household glued to their daily-soaps, serene by-lanes with the birds back in their roost, a sparkling moon on a cloudless night smiling down at them…

Midnight – a nip in the air, deserted streets save a few motorists and the odd pedestrians, traffic lights blinking orange, people snugly curled up in bed, fast asleep, lights put out and doors locked, far-away cries of dogs barking, just the clock ticking in the inky darkness…

Sights and sounds one would commonly associate with the various hours of the day/night…
These days, being in a software company, the only reasons why one seems to remember the time is the coffee/lunch breaks or the time set to meet deadlines. Just as much as one looks forward to the 11 AM/ 3.30 PM tea breaks and the 12.30 PM lunch hour, one dreads the 5 PM code freezes and the EOD file check-ins and integration builds!
Just the matter of a few steps – inside and outside – and a world of difference!


3 thoughts on “As the time flies…

  1. early morning: hustle bustle of the latino keeds getting ready for school. the next door neighbour who kisses his wife everyday before he leaves for the work and the wifey hands over his lunch-dabba. nice and new songs on VH1country and MTV. craving for yahoo news. deserted roads. a car there and a car here. chirps of the birds. dumbster getting emptied. sound of the leaf remover machine. nice cuppa chai. tall girl, thin boy, fat girl, short guy all yawn and wake up. sound of the alarm from next apartment.

    mid-morning: sunny day. increased traffic. boring tele programmes. people in hurry. fat girl, tall girl, short guy and thin guy, all walking to catch their classes. lots of bikes. a lunch eaten in a hurry. falling, whispering and dead leaves that go unnoticed. lost connection with WWW.

    evening: bored and tired people. traffic jams. short guy, thin guy, fat girl, tall girl all walking bk/biking bk. kids playing and shouting. seinfeld on tele. evening snack craving. chai again. lazy stretch on the sofa. melancholy jet trails in sky. sudden bang of the door and roothie is back. evening joggers take off. local icecreamwallah sounds horn.

    night: faint glow of light in all apartments. you see the shadows moving. smell of the meat being cooked in olive oil. relaxed short guy, fat girl, tall girl and thin guy walking on the roads. kids are bk at home doing homework. someone playing loud muzzikk, a spanish rap “gasolinaaaaa”. frantic tele remote switch. time to add some protein and carbs and fats to tummy.

    late nights: loud muzzzikk on nigga-bro and nigga-sistah’s car. meow meows of the darn cat. sprinklers come to life, wishy washy, water everywhere. a lone man walks on the roads. fat girl, thin guy, short guy, tall girl all sleeping, some drooling in sleep. silence is the lullaby. distant train roars. misty and mystical weather.

    one more day and one more night.

  2. [w_u]: interesting story… but doesn’t it suspiciously look like u’re trying to blog using my comments section? 😀
    [arun]: yeah, the ‘besige raje’ were always fun, though I can’t claim to have spent many of them at ‘ajji mane’ 🙂

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