Mere words or sheer poetry?

Songs have always been dear to me, more so, when I like them enough to learn the lyrics and sing along… one such song which I can’t stop singing these days is “naguva nayana…” I’ve heard it scores of times before, but only recently I noted the lyrics down on paper; only to have them residing in my heart 🙂
I think it is one of the most beautiful songs about friendship and love that I’ve ever listened to – amazingly simple and sweet.

So for the benefit of those of u who’ve heard it before but never cared enough to listen, here it is…

Naguva nayana madhura mauna
Midiva hrudaya ire maatheke?
Hosa bhaashe idu, rasa kaavyavidu,
Ida haadalu kavi beke?

Ninagaagi heluve kathe nooranu, naanindu nagisuve ee ninnanu
Irulallu kaanuve kiru nageyanu, kannalli huchchetha honganasanu
Jotheyaagi nadeve naa maleyalu, bidadanthe hidive ee kaiyanu
Geleya jothege haari baruve, baana elle daati nalive

Ee raathri hadu pisu maathali, naa kande inidaada savi raagava
Neenalli naanilli ekaanthadi, naa kande nannade hosa lokava
Ee sneha thandide edeyalli, endendu alisada rangoli
Aase hoova haasi kaade, nade nee kanasa hosaki bidade

Naguva nayana…

For folks who don’t know Kannada… really sorry! I tried translating the essence of it for a friend once, but failed miserably, so no more of that! 🙂


Here’re the lyrics in Kannada… thanks to Vedu Joshi 🙂 I’ve been wanting to download and use Baraha for ages, but have been plain lazy! Thanks to his suggestion, I’ve done it finally!

Here’s the link to download if any of u are interestedI wrote it using Baraha and exported it into an image; converting it to a doc seemed to make the alphabets look weird, didn’t seem like Kannada at all to me!


11 thoughts on “Mere words or sheer poetry?

  1. ayyo…namduki Ruthie Begammu sarige ingu jasti hakkbuttade…namdu jyada saaru tindu manga tara chehra aagide…nimduki yen gadbad galati, Anuradhamma? aaju deko re, kaha re eh ‘Nayana’, baajoo dekho re, kahan re eh ‘Madhura’?

  2. Beautiful song !

    Its a pity that lyricists(RN Jayagopal in this case) are usually forgotten. 😦

    And singers : SPB and S Janaki
    Director was Maniratnam. Incidentally, Anil Kapoor has acted in the film.

    Just a thought Anuradha, you could have presented the lyrics in Kannada(from Baraha) rather than Kan-glish. It makes it difficult to read.

    What a way to start the day with this song 🙂

  3. [w_u]: I don’t understand whatever point it is that u’re trying to make!!!
    [vedu]: Thanks for the info, I did know most of it, except for the lyricist
    [Srikanth]: good that you know such songs exist. Whether a diary or a blogsite, whatever this is, it is my own personal space and I shall post whatever I want to. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

  4. Thanks, now it looks great.

    Infact, you can write word documents in kannada using Baraha Direct. The characters look weird when its not in the correct font.

  5. lol, think of it, this WAS a Kan song I heard —

    hakutatane sketcchu
    yettutaney macchhu
    avaladey hucchuu

    and one more

    “laali paapu kottu laaali hadalenu”

    we need a new udayshankar!!

  6. [vedu]: I used baraha direct and tried with all fonts, it’s the same… the alphabets come first and then the ‘maathras’!! It looks terrible! 😦
    [w_u]: yeah I know, the atrocious stuff that’re dished out as songs these days leaves me disgusted!! Most of them are not even in Kannada! Leaves one yearning for lyricists like in the good old days…

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