Rain, rain, go away!

Rains, rains and more rains…that’s been the scene in namma Bengalooru lately.
The past few days, it was raining heavily in the nights; mornings were cloudy and humid, and news papers carried stories and pictures of the water-logged streets, serpentine traffic jams, inundated houses and buildings in low lying areas… just when it seemed like there would be a respite after a more-or-less rainless day yesterday (yes, that’s how days are remembered, of late), it’s pouring cats and dogs today since morning. I never thought rains could be soo depressing, can’t help but think of those hapless people who will be rendered homeless and worse still, hopeless after this watery onslaught 😦

What’s fresh in memory for everyone involved is the similar recent rains that lashed Mumbai and left it crippled… that thought only heightens the fears of what might be in store for us. At the time, these concerns were raised, questions about whether Bangalore was equipped enough to handle such a calamity… there were reassurances that the topography of Bangalore being quite different from Bombay, we being at a higher altitude compared to the surrounding areas, the situation wouldn’t be as worse…but then, as is often the case, no clear answers came out of the argument and it just petered out… and now we see it actually happening… this has been the heaviest ever rains in the month of October… and after today’s downpour, the statistics for the total rainfall in a year would’ve been washed away too… the last time there were such heavy rains was in 1956… mere statistics, but enough to make one despondent.

As was being discussed in office, this looks like the year where nature has unleashed her force with full fury on us… first the tsunami, the rains in Mumbai, the earthquake in the north and now these rains in South India… raises the fundamental question…what are we heading towards??

I shudder to think of seeing the evening news reports and reading the morning newspaper stories tomorrow (that is, if I manage to reach home today!!)… I can only pray and hope that things become better… wish the rain-gods would take a sabbatical…and soon!


6 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away!

  1. a remote village…where there won’t be electicity for 2-3 days at a stretch…where people around you get sick and sicker during rains…and the washed clothes won’t dry for days…no fresh vegetables…and even to get something photocopied, you need to travel to the nearest town (leave asides computers)…and it rains day and night….the only cmforting thoughts are the mountains covered in green and mist…and the anticipation of a warm sunny day….

    is this any better than the concrete walled, jelly road-ed, drainageless, monstrous city under the siege of the clouds?

  2. It is indeeed a terrible tragedy that has struck Bangalore and we are still a long way away from being normal but I am glad that inspite of all this, Bagalore is cheerfully celebrating Deepavali, Id and Rajyotsava and trying to wash away the bitterness of the rains.Hope you had a wonderful Diwali.

  3. [w_u, arun, ashwin]: guess it’s rather late to be commenting about diwali, but yes, we Bangaloreans did rally around to have a good diwali; though not as loud and bombastic as usual, it was a sparkling diwali for all, I’m sure. Hope u guys had a great time too! 🙂

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