Of chauths and amavasyas…

Just as the doors of the lift were about to close, they were opening again… for the 3rd time!!!obviously some last minute lobby-entrants had managed to get their fingers onto the button at the last possible moment to wrench the doors open… A loud round of sing-song hiiiiiiiiis and heellllloos followed… it was a group of good-looking, well-dressed, perfume-laden ladies from one of the other offices in the building.
After the hi’s and hello’s one of them asked… “yeh kya? trial ki mehendi hai kya?” Intrigued, I peeped over her shoulder, sure enough… the other lady had an intricate mehendi pattern on her palms. She replied… “nahin, aaj karva chauth hai na…”

Yes… I remembered reading about it in the morning TOI. The first one retorted… “yeh lo! Aur hum jam ke khaakar aaye!!” and all of them burst into laughter, I barely concealed a giggle myself.
As they waited for the lift to stop at their floor, I looked at the girl-with-the-mehendi closely… sneakers, black jeans, t-shirt, jacket, hair washed and let loose, a pretty made-up face with kohl-lined eyes, lipstick and a tiny bindi. I couldn’t help but muse… the images of the zari-bordered-saree-clad, heavily-adorned-with-jewellery, typical-bhaartiya-naari from the Hindi movies, celebrating karva-chauth flashed before my eyes… the picture of this girl was in stark contrast to that.

That was yesterday…cut to today… I was reading this write-up on karva-chauth by Rashmi Bansal on her blog-site YouthCurry… I remembered yesterday’s lift scene…that got me thinking…down South, we too have got our own version of the karva-chauth… the pooja that we do on Bheemana Amavasye… this is mainly for the Kannadigas, but I’m sure there’ll some equivalent celebration in the other states as well… but I must say, I don’t remember having fasted on that day any time! 😀
Though it is a poor cousin in terms of the actual rituals and the surrounding hype, the sentiments involved and intention behind doing the pooja is the same… prayer for the well-being and long life of the family. I wondered… are the reasons that Rashmi gives, for why ladies keep this vrath/ fast true in our case too?
I don’t know… I’ve never really thought about ‘why’ we do this pooja… it’s a festival just like scores of other festivals that dot our Hindu calendar.
Hmm… definitely food for thought…


7 thoughts on “Of chauths and amavasyas…

  1. Including karva-chauth, I dont understand why do most of the other siginificant festivals. I feel all these festivals are somewhat hyped and what we do is sakkatagi ambode, bonda, payasa tindu, nidde.. of course, some puje in the morning 😉

  2. I think what they did in the past had a meaning most times…and over time, people neglected their meaning/intention and just kept on doing it.

    Consider this:
    Vratas-when done seriously gives you a lot of determination or stamina to perform over long periods.

    Fasting-it helps tackling obesity..who told dieting is new

    Festive occasions-getting to know your neighbours, a get-together. You get to visit them, they get to visit you. Isnt that wonderful!


  3. [Arun]- I wouldn’t put it in that order… always, first is devara-pooje and then only hotte-pooje 😀 Sometimes just the eating on these festival days is enough to tire me out!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    I didn’t mean to say that these rituals or festivals don’t have a meaning behind them… as u say, I was wondering if these meanings hold good any longer and whether we even bother to know what they actually represent. And I totally agree about festivals being the time for friends and families, that’s what makes them special.

  4. this comment if for vedu joshi — hey, Agumbey pictures cholo idvu. I was fortunate to have spent some of my childhood in a nearby place. malenadu nodbekandra malegala mugad koodle nodbeku. kaligey ‘jigani’ hattava, adra ‘kaPi kanadiddannu ravi kanda” andra yenu anta gott agtada ;))))). pictures selection cholo ittu. next time jog ga hog barri, alley “idagunji’ kshetra hatra ada.


  5. w_u : didnt find your mail id…so writing it here…

    Infact, we had been to jog..jiganegalu bidtaavye! ? en chanda anteerri jogu…ababa!
    jeevandolage joga gundi nodle bek bidri ..

    btw, Rajaratnam avra ee maatu keeleerenu(forgot the right words) :
    ravi kaanaddannu kavi kanda
    kavi kaanaddannu kuduka kanda

  6. ravi kaanaddannu kavi kanda
    kavi kaanaddannu kuduka kanda

    howz this —

    kapi kanadiddannu kuduka kanda
    kuduka kanadiddannu willy kanda


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