Saying it with photos…

Owing to a lack of any interesting happenings and a further lack of inclination to write anything, I decided to post a few pics that I took with my digicam.

First things first, let alone being “amateur” I am not a photographer… given a camera, I just like clicking stuff which looks photogenic.
I realized that if one has a digicam, photography suddenly seems far simpler, without the hassles of having to make rounds of the photo studios for processing and developing film rolls.
So then, I went around scouting for beauty to be captured and clicking away to glory…

Here are a few of my personal favourites…

This is from our neighbour’s terrace garden… I used the zoom to full effect 😀
I like the swaying flowers against the backdrop of the coconut leaves shadow… one can instinctively know that there should’ve been a cool breeze blowing at the time…

I like the purity in this one… the white chrysanthemums against the rain-drenched green leaves is a soothing sight

this one is of the smaller variety of yellow chrysanthemums…sun bathed after the late-evening shower…again I like the play of shadows…

this is the simple unassuming “gowri hoova”… I like the colour contrast…the glistening rain drops on the pink with the reddish-browns and greens

Incidentally, if the disinclination continues… I shall post a few more snaps that I took in Wayanad 😀

5 thoughts on “Saying it with photos…

  1. good snaps… hope its ok to give some tips (from reading some books, photography training and personal experience)

    1. Avoid zoom, especially when you have the chance to go as near to the subject as possible. In case, you want to use zoom, use optical zoom not digital zoom.

    2. When clicking flowers, use macro mode (usually all dig cam will have, its the mode with flower sign)

    3. Use natural lighting, avoid flash.

    4. If you have a chance, walk around the subject and see from different angles before shooting and see which background will look good. Of course, this will not make sense if you use macro mode as macro mode will make the background blur and only focus on the subject.

    Tumba blade hakidna? 😀

  2. Disclaimer: Above tips are not related or not given with snaps posted in mind. I removed the first comment as there were lot of spelling mistakes. Cleanup please and sorry for spamming 😀

  3. Lovely flowers Anu…it doesn’t look like amateur photography at all!
    Post more…the ones from Wayanad are good…make a nice story and put them on the site.


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