She splashed water on her face. It felt queer, the sensation of the warm tears against the cool liquid… so did everything else that was happening in her life. She knew it was that again… she v/s them. Why was it a regular feature these days? Why the “v/s” at all? Didn’t make sense…

She stood by the door opening out to the terrace, watching the sheets of rain. Somehow, the rain reminded her of the past years…days of carefree life… she hadn’t thought so then…but she knew now. May be it would be deja-vu a few years down the line! The idea didn’t comfort her…

It wasn’t so always… it was only now. She wished she’d seen it coming… she would’ve lived each day better… probably. Possibly, the vision of future would be brighter than the shadows of the past… she didn’t know… one never knew… damn! It was the uncertainty that was killing her…her happiness…

14 thoughts on “Incertitude

  1. i know its the most pathetic post in this blog(nothing was too good anyway!), but i suggest u (imitating w_u) to come out in the open with your comments.

    real w_u

  2. I am out in the open…..
    and all you wannabe w_u ‘s, BRING IT ON….

    This blog site has a flowing creativity….
    and shame on you to have invaded the blog sanctity…..


  3. Lets break the uncertainty before it breaks us.

    Past is misery, future is mystery, present is pleasant.

    By the way, real w_u the board that deals with ICSE etc are showing soft corner towards students for their spelling mistakes in examinations.
    Any way we all are not britishers nor we hold british passport ( pride for some even now ).So pls do not put pressure on spellings which i am week/weak.
    Srikanth G N

  4. This is a piece of fiction.
    Can’t I cook up something for my blog without people accusing me of plagiarism(????), calling it the most pathetic write-up in a pathetic blog and jumping to conclusions that it is my life-story??!!

  5. I did NOT say that, jesussss! It was this ‘honourable’ meester Srikantaaa jagagantaaaa, not meee!

    Don’t ban me from here!!

    real real w_u

  6. appppart from the yekshagana me and srikantaaaaa jagalgantaaa carry out here, does anyone know which muvvie this song is from —

    “O tangaliye neeragi baa”

    singer–vani jairam
    muvvie–somme ananda ……

    thanks in advance!!!


  7. Whats wrong with this post? Why are those feelings all of a sudden?

    Cheer up Anu…you have good bhavanegalu…and keep them to motivate yourself too :p

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