The trip that was…

As I discovered, “trying to capture the essence of a trip”, that too a week after, is no easy job. Then again, looking back at it now will hopefully help me avoid the effects of a hangover 😀

Not wanting to style this as a journal entry or a travelogue, I decided to simply note down the stuff that was special, the experiences that’ll cause me to reminisce fondly, probably a few months or years down the line…

This was our maiden authentic “team outing”. Yeah, we’d been out for a couple of lunches and dinners, but nothing more than a few hours, after which we’d get back to work. Though we all work together everyday, one rarely tries to know beyond what is necessarily required in the line of work. That’s why these kind of team-outings help the team members share experiences and “bond” in the true sense.

Well then, here’s a low-down of highlights from the trip that makes it all worth remembering for me:

# The place itself – Vythiri resort in Wayanad – A beautiful getaway from our humdrum existence in a concrete metropolis. Set deep amidst the lush green, thickly vegetated area of a sparsely populated town, it’s a haven for nature-lovers. With an eclectic mix of the modern and the traditional, it’s got all that’s needed for you to enjoy the stay, for as long as you wish (provided u can shell out the money, of course… the rates are on a higher side, but so is the quality and experience). Ranging from the beautifully landscaped, naturally designed cottages to the recreation and sporting facilities, it even appeals to the romantic in you with a dainty stream running through the length of it, complete with an enchanting hanging bridge over it. Seems like its taken right out of a picture postcard… 🙂

# The bindaas and absolute fun that we, the lucky non-family guys and gals had all through the 3 days – the noisy anthaksharis and dance performances in the bus, our leg-pulling chatter sessions at dinner times, the various treks and nature-walks, replete with all the leech bites – memories that I’ll cherish…

# The bounty of mother nature’s beauties – the serene Pookot lake, the thundering Soochipara waterfalls nestling deep down in the gorges, the ancient Edakkal caves that took us back in time and history – stuff we knew we could never capture with our hapless camera lenses… made us think, “Kerala – God’s own country” is not a misnomer after all! 🙂

These apart, there were some near-transcendental memories of my own…

# The afternoon I spent exploring the resort, while most of my team-mates decided to enjoy a siesta after a tiring night’s journey… a solitary ramble, far from feeling lonely, clicking pics, walking with gay abandon, enjoying a swing ride without a care in the world… seemed like a scene straight out of my favourite book 🙂

# Soochipara falls – not venturing near the foot of the falls, sitting on a rock bang-opposite the cascading water-mass, drenched with the fine smoky spray – breathless with excitement…an awesome sensation of being accosted by a force unseen.

# The late evenings spent playing badminton under lights, hours together… thoroughly exhausted after the day’s adventures, but still pushing on… it was pleasurable pain… not wanting to stop, knowing that we’d probably never do it again once we got back to bustling city life

# The feeling of triumph on proving to my male colleagues that a slim build needn’t necessarily translate into a weak spirit or body – the absolute delight in watching their incredulity when they found me as one amongst them, negotiating the rocky terrain of Edakkal caves… 😀

In conclusion, it was a wonderful trip, every moment thoroughly enjoyed… it helped me make new friends and get to know the old ones better, much beyond their being just my colleagues and co-workers. As a fellow-happy-soul was heard saying… wish we had the best team award given every month… that sums up the thoughts of the group as the trip came to an end.


7 thoughts on “The trip that was…

  1. I have ‘attitude’ only towards “bEnana chiBz’, “coconut rice with coconut curry”, “avial”, ” sambar, rasam, olan, kaalan, pachadi, kichadi, thoran” and so on.

    I am sad these are not mentioned in the blog.

    Am really sad.

    Really, really sad.

    Really, really, really sad.

    s a d.


  2. [Arun]: Hey, I don’t have any “attitude” towards men in general!!! I only said that it was fun to see my team-mates surprised, ‘coz they hadn’t expected me to do rock-climbing!! 😀
    [w_u]: I haven’t mentioned any of those in the blog, ‘coz I never ate any of it… though the resort had various kinds of delicacies, I stuck to the tried and tested dishes 🙂

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