On a rainy morning…

The scene today:
Near total bandh of all the services in the city, ranging from the autos keeping off the roads to the shops, banks and many schools being shut. Added to this, the rains lashing since yesterday night; though not a downpour, it’s just enough to get one’s clothes wet and make one feel uncomfortable. These reasons should’ve been enough to keep me at home, away from work…only that having taken off Monday to extend our team outing in Wayanad and spending majority of the next two days, uploading, viewing and mailing photos, there’s a huge pile-up of tasks to be completed before the week comes to an end!

These thoughts in mind, I started off from home today morning, a little earlier than usual as I wasn’t sure about the options I’d have for commuting to office. 5 minutes on the road and I was wet knee-down. It put me off, walking in this rain, trying to balance my bag and umbrella, taking care not to step into the puddles, keeping away from the zooming bikes and cars to avoid getting splashed with rain water. As I walked gingerly with a frown on my face, I suddenly looked up and saw the several school kids walking to the army school near my house… little young ones, packed in their rain coats and caps, with the bags, glee on their faces as they deliberately sploshed in the puddles, even as their mom/dad exasperatedly tried to keep them away from it… this scene totally changed my mood. I realized what a fool I was being, complaining and not realizing the joy that those kids instinctively knew but I didn’t…

There on, everything seemed nice…soon I was humming the song “saawan barse tarse dil…”, suddenly realized how convenient and clever it was that I wore a black dress, which didn’t look ugly even if wet, was overjoyed to see lot of blue and white thingies on the road, which reassured me that I could after all get to office without trouble and tackle the work-load head-on… so here I am.

ps: The 3 days spent at the resort in Wayanad was a wonderful experience, a refreshing welcome break from the monotony of daily city life… I hope to capture the essence of that trip in a post soon…


5 thoughts on “On a rainy morning…

  1. how much greater? greater as in greater-greater or greater-greater-greater?

    flattery knows no bounds!!

    I will shut up only if I am given the bEnana chiBz.


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