She has walked past my cube, in and out of the door, several times these past few days. That’s the price u gotta pay, sitting next to the entrance of the east wing of a 8th floor office building, indigenously designed to resemble a cyber-cafe… u get a glimpse of everyone who chooses to go that way, whether you like it or not! But that’s a topic for another day… let me get back to the matter of interest… the girl in question…
As I said, I’ve been noticing her since a few days… short hair, clear skin, pleasant face, pretty features… As John Keats said – “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”… I like what I see.

Everyday we see so many pretty faces; in the office, on the streets, taking the buses… it always has made me wonder, why is it that some people are endowed with better looks than the others? Almost immediately follows another thought, which has gotta be a grandmother-esq saying: “God always has good things in store for us… each one of us are unique and beautiful in our own ways”. Rather comforting thought, this. But, however you choose to sugar-coat it, the truth remains that certain people have a distinct advantage, courtesy: their good looks. Whatever one might say, one cannot deny the effect of a favourable first impression on the human mind.

How many times would we have missed the potential opportunity of gaining a good friend, just because we didn’t like his/her looks? And how many times have we felt cheated and let down when our favourite people fail to live up to our unfair expectations?
Isn’t there a way out? Shouldn’t we get to know a person better before forming any opinion about him/her? But isn’t that almost always not-possible and easier said than done?


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