She stretched out her hands and looked around… the bay was empty!! She hadn’t realized that she was the last one left… her colleagues had decided to call it a day rather early, and to think that it wasn’t even a Friday evening! Suddenly she lost all urge to work… she shut down her comp, locked her stuff in the drawer and picked her bag to go. She gave a cursory glance around the place, switched off the lights and walked to the door.

A million thoughts coursed through her mind… funny how desolate the office looked without people… where was everybody? had they all left for the day? She found the lobby crowded with people waiting for the lift, she didn’t feel like waiting with them…she took the stairs, slowly, dragging her feet… again she wondered about a hundred random things… why was it that the people of the offices in the other floors of the building never had a reason to work late? Why did the 6th floor security guard suddenly jump out of her way? Did she look funny? Why was it suddenly so cold? Was it the AC or the chilly night air?

She reached the ground floor, thankfully she didn’t meet anyone she knew…she wasn’t in a mood to exchange pleasantries. She could feel a dull headache coming on, it only worsened her state of mind. She made her way to the bus stop. The thoughts didn’t stop… why was it that she’d turn to look to cross only when there was a barrage of vehicles rushing in both directions and not when there was a lull in the traffic? Why was she thinking such mundane thoughts?? She suddenly realized that in the midst of all these thoughts one part of her mind was actually playing her favourite song, over and over again, which she had been humming for quite some time now, without realizing…for the umpteenth time, she wondered at the amazing capacity of the human mind to simultaneously process so many thoughts and emotions …

She frowned…the bus stop was crowded… had there been no bus? Or was it because she was earlier than usual? Now in all probability, she wouldn’t get a seat…tcha! Why did all these people have to travel by the same bus? A bus pulled up at the stop, she got in, as expected, she had to squeeze into the crowd and stand… well, surely somebody would get down and she’d get a seat soon…
5 stops later… she was still standing…ah! At last she saw a female getting up…”No, mister! Not so fast…You won’t get to sit in the ladies seat…not when I’m standing!” glaring at the guy, she thankfully eased into the window seat. She pulled out her book, she stopped for a second…should she read? It would only worsen her headache…may be she should just snooze…”what the hell!” she thought and began reading…

Soon she was in the central bus station…it seemed unusually less crowded…may be ‘coz it’s a festival day she thought…but why was it so dark? Seemed quite strange, like something was amiss…then she knew… it was the lights in the platforms, they weren’t switched on for some reason. Again she stood waiting…she was getting tired of this…and those stupid thoughts that kept popping into her mind about anything and everything under the sun…or the moon in this context, she thought wryly… how she wished she could shut her mind off and think nothing…but no…that wouldn’t happen…how beautiful that girl walking to the opposite platform looked…so fair and hair so thick and long…ah!
Sigh…there goes my mind again…running behind useless thoughts, she mused…well, she resigned herself to the thought that she couldn’t do anything about it…may be she would write a blog about this…now…that’s an idea… …


5 thoughts on “Thoughts…

  1. heyyyyy can ya change this blog? i got scary dreams after reading ur blogs! i felt like i wuz the person in da blog and i went to da sleep in da office and I wakey up and I walk home and see none in office and on streets….all I saw were newzzzpaperzzzz flying in air and an eerie and weary and teary and mortuary feeling and a weird smell of sulphur. i woke up and drank whole of a water bottle!!! jesus!

    and i slept again and da dream continued.

    i wuz in a train and saw no peepz.

    and i reached my apartment and there was a silent and cool breeze blowing. but i started getting sweat. i entered my living hall and what I seee – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

    please change the blog, am getting scary dreams, i begggg you!


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