Happy days…

The past two weeks have been pretty eventful…some really nice stuff happening…

Firstly bought a digi-cam at a good bargain, thanks to a friend in Singapore, I’m maha-excited about it 😀
Then there was the spot award for my work in the project and team… a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise. Having seen the others who’ve been getting it and the commendations that go with it, I never imagined that I’d get it one day… simply ‘coz I knew I couldn’t anything extra-ordinarily brilliant or path-breaking to earn it! Well, as it most often happens with a lot of us, I was wrong…I learnt that it’s not always necessary to accomplish huge tasks with pomp and show… it’s equally important to do the simple things right! 🙂

Next was the quiz that we won. It was one of the events organized as part of the company’s anniversary celebrations. Though the part that I played in the show was very minor, it felt absolutely awesome to be a part of the winning team.
And the antakshari too…we were the only ones from among the 5 teams in the prelims to qualify for the semi-finals. This time, my contribution being significant, the joy doubled… gotta see if we can continue to ride our luck in the semis today evening 😀

Last week also brought along my birthday – with loads of good wishes from friends, family and well-wishers, some expected and others unexpected, being sweeter 🙂

A few more exciting stuff lined up for the weeks to come… we’re buying a new comp at home… though this means I’ll have to loosen my purse strings, it’s something I’m looking forward to 😀 And of course, there’s the biggie… the 3-day team outing in 2 weeks time… will be a welcome break from the routine office work.
Hope things continue to work out well on the work and home front…


10 thoughts on “Happy days…

  1. [w_u]: Don’t be so sure…there’s a lot more to cubicle life than just money!
    [Arun]: Thanks a lot for your wishes 🙂
    [Sameera]: Yeah, sometimes…and also, it depends on the way we look at it, I suppose

  2. “My Cubicle Life”

    Once upon a time, I was in love
    With a girl named Deanne Lew
    I was supposed to be a software engineer,
    All I did was stare at her eyeliner.

    Why are these HR ladies so cute
    Marshmallow sweet and cunningly mute
    And her cubicle was filled with teddy bears and cute plants
    All I wanted to see was a smile on her make up gloss

    And one day she left
    And I could not wait
    Searched her trash can and there in lay a lays chips
    And I ate it, salty, pepperry and preciousss

    Deanne did not come return
    And these days I get my work done.
    And I stealthily found the yahoo desktop search engine on her monitor
    And I eat chips from the trash can and wonder why I get paid $60000 a year.


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