Finally found time to blog about my last weekend’s expedition – I eventually managed to visit the hottest new mall in town – the Garuda Mall on Magrath Road. If Darius on Route-91 crooning about “Garoooda” mall is to be believed, all the action worth-knowing-about in Bangalore city seems to happen around this place!! I didn’t find anything to corroborate this statement.

A few things I liked about the place:
# The idea of playing soft and soothing instrumental classical music in the elevators (may be it was imperative to soothe the frayed nerves of the people who dare to take the lifts, after the now infamous fiasco that happened a few months back!!)
# The fact that it is a one-stop shop catering to most of your shopping needs ranging from clothes to bags and other accessories to jewellery, which for that matter is true for any mall
# The plush interiors of INOX, the multiplex within the premises
# The fact that it wasn’t as crowded and teeming with people as the Forum (may be the time at which we went had something to do with this)

Few things I didn’t like about the experience:
# That we had to cough up an obnoxiously large amount of money for movie tickets at the multiplex (with a little more than the single ticket amount we paid here, all 3 of us could have watched the same movie at the nearby ShankarNag theatre!!)
# That we had to sit through nearly half the movie drenched with colas, after the attender trying to do a balancing act with 10 cola-cans on a tray, attempting to serve an obviously large but lazy family at their seats, failed miserably, resulting in this cola-abhisheka!
# Though the crowd was comparatively less, it was no way sparse and we had to constantly jostle our way into and out of the eating area and shops
# The prices of the clothes and accessories were largely on a higher scale and not something that the middle-class people like us would like to splurge our money on.

Okay, may be I sound a little prejudiced, but that’s how it appeared to me. By eod, it left me totally tired in mind and body. I notice that there is this new mall-culture which has taken the fancy of today’s youth. Come weekend, people turn up at malls and spend the whole day, just hanging around with friends, watching a coupla movies, doing some window shopping and so on. I think malls are a good idea when you know you are ready to spend some money, need a one-stop shop for the stuff you need to buy and don’t like walking from street to street in search of shops and refreshments.

Otherwise if all u want is to spend some time with ur buddies, I’d think meeting up at a quieter place – a restaurant or coffee shop or one of your buddies’ houses would be a better idea. Given a choice, I would any day prefer a jaunt down 8th cross and Sampige road with friends, than an afternoon at one of these malls 🙂
Then again, this is just my idea, as I generally say, to each his own.


4 thoughts on “Mall-oh-mall!!

  1. a friend of mine (who is from BNG) and was there last year told me that she went to one of those supposedly-high-end clothing stores and the shop-attendants did not attend her as she was speaking in Kan and not in Eng. does this happen often? no wonder, with young keeeds and youth knowing where Nebraska is in USA and not-knowing where Dharwad or Tumkur is.


  2. it rains buffaloes and giraffes in mumbayeeeeeeeee and the blog drought hits our friends in namma bangaloreeeeeeeeeeeee

    hey why the word veeeeerification for comments? you making me comment writing deeeeeficult!!

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