Mid-day musing

Tujhse naaraz nahin… zindagi, hairaan hoon main…
Tere masoom sawalon se pareshan hoon main…

Sometimes some songs seem to be written just for the occasion, and the context needn’t necessarily be the same as the original – quite a feat considering the wide range of complex emotions that we humans are capable of…

As an aside…wish I had a bottle of ‘Felix Felicis’ like Harry, quite a few things I’d want to do in the 12 enchanted lucky hours after having a swig of it…


5 thoughts on “Mid-day musing

  1. Yes, how true… i sometimes feel guys like gulzar, javed .. can they write something so strong and deep without going thro’ them?

    also reminds me of a song from amitabh movie bemisaal.

    kisi baat par main kisise khafa hoon main zinda hoon par zindagi se khafa hoon

  2. w_u learn to admire, only then we will grow in life

    There are lakhs who can code, but only one who can write a gem.

    waqt ne kiya kya hasi sitam
    tum rahe na tum hum rahe na hum

    wonderful Thought.

  3. lol, we should learn to admire EVERY skills that all of us possess and NOT just the popular romantically emotinally sucking up shayarees.

    BTW…that song from Masoom — “tuzse naraaz nahin zindagi” is one of my fav s….I did not admire the words or the songs…what I admired was the innocence of the child in that movie and the feelings of a mother an a father.

    I rest my case!


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