Comfy – to be or not to be

Isn’t it funny? The way we humans settle into our comfort zones so quickly… the past 4 weeks have been pretty packed with work, morning, noon, evening it has been mostly coding, discussions, meetings etc and little else. Today after a supposed code freeze, when there’s a semblance of relaxation in the air, I’ve been moping around for want of something important and strategic to do!! I’ve had a similar disoriented feeling in the past, when after being lulled into a sense of complacency during a bug-fixing phase, I’ve had to get back to serious everyday-tracked-with-status-meetings kind of coding activity. So I guess it doesn’t have much to do with the nature of work, it is more to do with our mind-set.

I remember a lesson from the time-management workshop that I’d attended. One of the evils that we need to constantly beware of is our tendency to slip into our comfort zone, like how a ball always settles into the trough on a surface of ups and downs, we humans get comfortable doing one thing or living in a particular way. To achieve success and be effective at what we do, one needs to constantly redefine one’s goals and keep moving out of one’s comfort-zone, is what the facilitator said.

All I can say is, it sure is easier said than done!!


4 thoughts on “Comfy – to be or not to be

  1. Amidst the busy ‘Dilbert’ life spent in cubicles with computers, we sometimes tend to forget why we are here on this earth. We forget that we are supposed to hand over 25% performance appraisal of the team prize money to shree willfylly swami. Just a humble reminder not to to forget your duties and responsibilities.

    Shree willfully swami

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