Ethnic day or fancy dress?

Yesterday the 6th anniversary celebrations of MT were kicked-off with the ‘Ethnic day’ celebrations. This has been a norm every year. Accordingly, a good percentage of the office crowd turned up in ethnic wear and colourful costumes, there were goodies in the form of prizes for the “project team with the best team-spirit for dressing up in accordance to a particular theme” , “best dressed individual in ethnic wear”, “best team in ethnic wear” etc to spur them on. The traditional lamp was lit by the CEO and some visiting customers, to officially flag-off the celebrations. All of us had a fun-filled hour in the morning before we started the day’s work.

But by mid-day, I was left wondering if what I witnessed in the morning was a display of sporting spirit, coming dressed in a manner befitting the occasion or a fancy dress competition. Nearly 75% of the people I’d seen in the morning had changed into office/ casual wear. What struck me as even more ironical was that most of the ladies had changed from sarees into jeans and short/ sleeveless tops. So also the men, some of whom changed into official formal wear from kurtas and dhotis; the reasons my team mate gave were:

1. If there’s a stain on my dhoti while I’m eating lunch, my wife’s gonna kill me (may be, he should consider wearing a bib or an apron would be a better choice, I think!!)
2. It’s very uncomfortable walking around and working while I’m wearing it

Of course, these people were far better in comparison to others like another of my team-mates who said that he couldn’t come in an ethnic outfit as he didn’t have any. Apparently he keeps all his dhotis etc at his parents’ place in his native village, as he needs to wear them only on the occasion of functions, that too on being compelled by his father, else he doesn’t see a need to use them!

I guess, to each his own… people want comfort more than anything else, but shouldn’t one make an effort, at-least on some occasions that call for it?


15 thoughts on “Ethnic day or fancy dress?

  1. Definitely yes, people should give an attempt to look traditional at least once a year :p

    It’s really surprising how MJ gives such lively responses that keep lingering even in his absence :))

  2. What is MT? In our office (HP), some guys come in jeans and short-kurta and argue that its ethic.. they say its geek-ethic 😉


  3. D H O T I is not a comfortable wear. everyone knows this. and some don’t know this — gaali joraag beesidrey dhoti ond kadey…uttkondavru innond kadey…


  4. that won’t be a necessary and sufficient condition for safety.

    gaali joraag beesidrey…it can hold on…but it will be a merlin munroe-sque photogenic opportunity.

    sorry if the comment deserves to be deleted.


  5. [willy] then i guess u dont know how to tie kacche-panche 😉 (just kidding)… I have worn kacche to many ethic days and was quite comfortable.. though i didnt experiment with ‘joor gaali’ 😀

  6. [Arun]- MT is MindTree
    [w_u]- I know it is not very comfortable, that’s why I said people need to make an effort when the occasion demands and I’m not qualified enough to comment on whether a kachche panche is more stable than the normal style 😀
    [Namrata]- going by the defn of ethnic: “Denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people”, I thought saree (irrespective of it being garden or vimal or whatever) suited this requirement as far as the dressing habits in India are concerned… didn’t know people thought otherwise!!

  7. [N] – To answer you in your own words…”to revive a dying culture”

    may be people need to be reminded that there is something like a saree that represents Indian-ess in dress more than anything else, while at the same time enhancing the beauty of a woman

  8. not every woman in India wears a saree. women wear suits, salwars, skirts, kinds of sarongs, boorkhas. and saree enhances beauty of a woman? gee, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    why do we get emotional on some ethnic day? it is supposed to be a fun day and those who want not to have fun must be left out and not bothered. if i get talibanised on this isue, i want to wear my PJ s with leeeeetil peeeeeglets printed on them….as a mark of protest…and also PJ s are comfy.
    and also I smile looking at those peeeeeglets and forget my work related depression.


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