Have had to work for nearly 12 hours for the past few days and I see no respite in the coming days as well 😦
These days I wish…
# I could stay in bed for as long as I want in the mornings
# I could have rejuvenating hot water baths all day long
# I didn’t have to rush to the bus-stop to get on to the only direct bus that’ll bring me to office
# I could stay by the office pool-side with the cool breeze and light rain on my face and didn’t have to get back to work at my desk
# I could leave office early and get back home to some hot coffee and talks with sis and mom
# I needn’t have to wait in the bus-stops at 8.30 – 9 PM, hoping that there’s bus coming along soon…
# I didn’t have to spend long hours in the bus, trying to catch up on my reading and musing about the direction my life is heading towards
# I had more time and energy in the evenings, all I seem to be doing is go home, eat and crash into bed 😦

And finally,
# Take a few days off and get away from all this!
Well… the wish-list seems endless… if wishes were horses, then probably, I would ride them! 😀


6 thoughts on “Wish-list

  1. is tat a hint to MT to provide transportaion…. considering the number of complaints on the bus travel!!!

    put it on peoplenet…….may serve the purpose


  2. try to cherish smaller things in life. throw a stone into your office pool and see the waves coming out. or invent your own game…measure up how far can you throw stones into office pool
    :-)). or rather, try to imagine throwing stones at office glass windows and calculate the time period you have to vanish from that place before anybody finds out. observe a keed in bus and think of what she is learning in school and how her keed mind is shaping up. and observe a young man in the bus and try to understand what his worries are. zoom in and zoom out your views of life, you will never feel overwhelmed by 12 hour work schedule.

    khee khee!!

    shree shree shree shree willfully_uninterestanandaswami

  3. [Tin]- yeah, right! what a good idea! Never thought of that!
    [Niru] – wish the MT mgmt, would get inspired by my blog… but no such luck, guess we’ve to get holed up in the west campus to experience the luxury of cab-travel 😀
    & Arunji] – thank you for all your advice and blessings, I’m overwhelmed!

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