5 reasons for the tranquil and satiated state of my mind, after taking a day off from hectic work schedule, in the midst of a tight iteration of an agile software development project:

Finally found a reason** to get Sandy to Bangalore-trot (akin to globe-trot :D) from the South to the North and visit my home, after several false promises during the 2 years of our working together.

Felt jubilantly satisfied after submitting my IT returns** in person at the Income Tax office, especially since I didn’t have to rely upon pea-brained tax consultants – who after getting u to pay through your nose, teach u how to send an email to UTI (“Madam, please type www… yes,yes… 3 w’s dot uti dot com?!!!”) to get a status update on your PAN card, that you submitted for correction (my father had no probs if his name was spelt wrong in my PAN, but I chose to be the wise gal!!) the same time last year, when they were here to make your life simpler!!

Savoured a lazy afternoon with my chum, Anupama, watching a slow-paced but sensible movie, Viruddh, with some sensitive portrayals by the lead actors, Amitabh and Sharmila; came out of the theatre to see the world (not-surprisingly) look lush green after the mid-afternoon showers (not surprising ‘coz it has rained every single time we’ve watched a movie in Cauvery… irrespective of the time of the day or the day of the year)

Spent a splendid evening, walking the rain-drenched streets of Malleshwaram with the chum and a beautiful rainbow for company… caught up with all the long-awaited talks with her, over a plate of gobi-manchuri and hot tea at the Asha sweets and chaats stall.

Reached home when it was the 7 o’ clock soap playing on TV, instead of the one at 9, had great fun playing with my adorable cousin bro, spent a good one hour (without any luck), trying to get the year-old toddler to say “akka” instead of his usual refrain of “da…ddy”. Ate dinner with the rest of the world and went to bed before the clock ticked past the hour of midnight.

So what if I’ve had to work today in the weekend to catch up on all the pending work? The day gave me moments which are special in their own way


11 thoughts on “Day-off

  1. Feels so good to read about the places I used to hang around too… I’m sure this is the dumbest question for a Malleshwaramite, have you had the ‘benne masale’ at CTR? 🙂

  2. [Arun]: I felt quite dumb after reading ur comment! Though I’m not a Malleshwaramite, it’s almost like my second home… but still I had no idea about CTR!! On enquiry my dad said that it’s very much there since around the 60’s, set-up around the same time MTR came up,but didn’t quite become as famous as the latter… well, Janatha hotel has been our favourite… will make it a point to go to CTR the next time I’m there 🙂
    [Anon]: how true! 🙂
    [Sandy]: u bet!! Me and my sis are waiting eagerly for that day when he will finally decide to say akka!

  3. Oh, you dont live in Malleshwaram? Then, where do you live? Ya.. right, CTR is not that famous, but pretty old, only people who go there are only who know, no one new will ever dare to enter that place :))… Janata.. hmm… now-a-days I dont like it, the dosa size has become soo small 😦 When you go to CTR, try benne masale and mangalore bajji… awesome 😀

  4. CTR benne dose is awesome. we used to call it Cholera Bhavan when we were in MES for its cleanliness, or the lack of it:-)
    Vade in Janatha, Dose in CTR and nice cold badam milk in Asha sweets…Amazing combo!

  5. [Arun]: I stay in Ganganagar extn, that’s close to RTNagar
    [Sameera]: MES days, we were happy eating the samosas at the canteen/ bhel at Hanuman stores/ ice-cream at Butter-sponge or Annapurna bakery… never ventured till 8th cross; completely agree about the amazing combo 🙂

  6. amazing eatouts in malleshwaram…esp if ur a MESian, starting from our canteen to 18th cross to 8th cross…lovely eateries!

  7. why do I get the feeling that “Bangaloreans” are always “ungry” and talk about kaaaaaapi/tindi?


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