Who-ever said humans had it easy?

6.30 PM on a Wednesday evening…the seats around me are all empty… my team is out enjoying an outing – movie at PVR followed by dinner. 2 reasons why I’m still “hardly” working:
1. PVR and my house happen to be situated at the 2 extreme ends of B’lore city and the mere idea of me reaching home after dinner, without incurring my dad’s wrath, is laughable
2. I’m in no moods for any revelry

That reminds me of another thing that came to my notice…duality.
No I’m not talking about the Physics funda of “the property of matter and electromagnetic radiation that is characterized by the fact that some properties can be explained best by wave theory and others by particle theory”
I was wondering about the duality of human nature (actually it is much more complex, may be, I should call it multiplicity!!)…how we humans need to behave in everyday life… consider this,
you have had a bad fight/ mis-understanding with a friend or a family member and are feeling quite low about it… u walk into office the next day, u need to wear a bright smile, say hi to anybody and everybody that u remotely know, act normally with your colleagues and manager, basically look like u find everything’s hunky-dory with the world…
If you don’t do any one of the above, tongues start wagging… what a grouch, he looks through me, what’ll she lose if she smiles? God! how do people put up with him? so on and so forth…
It works both ways actually… if you’ve had a particularly bad day at work and go home sour and surly…u get to listen to this from your family… but at-least there u can rave and rant about their insensitivity in understanding the tensions and troubles and hassles that u invariably have to face at work…Sad but true, your family can be your punching bag but not your colleagues. Worse still, God save you if your efficiency and productivity suffer because of your mental state!! That’s no excuse, rather, it will be considered as a ruse you’ve chosen to shirk your responsibilities…
well… all I can say is…strange are the ways of life!


7 thoughts on “Who-ever said humans had it easy?

  1. Right.. I think when anyone reaches a stage where he/she need not carry this duality or multicity, he becomes a ‘saadu’… ( i’m not talking about kalla sanyasi’s 😉 )


  2. navu anamadheya raagi comment-u helutteve…

    neevu kelu vanta varaagi…

    now don’t scream “u guys take this unrelated thing outside”!

  3. It’s nice you have to put on a front sometimes – When you can’t make it, its best to fake it – Like how we always insist to ourselves that we are right and completely ignore our shortcomings only to find ourselves on fake pedestals actually believing them to be real and others to be wrong…


  4. If not for such emotional challenges, life would be quite drab, wouldn’t it? But I agree that it gets tiring! Solution ?Start a farm and live by your own rules 😀

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