Morning tryst with madness

Had a nasty experience right in the morning…
I rose and shone early, got ready, sacrificed the comfort of a seat in my regular direct bus, came standing and swaying most of the way, changing 2 buses… all so that I could reach office early and get some work done… and so would have an excuse ready when I’ll try to slip away early in the evening.
Then… here’s the scene:

I get down at my destination ‘Hunasemara’ bus stop, walk a few steps… and out of thin air this mad woman materializes, rushes at me and thwack!!hits me on my left ear!!! I am stunned, to say the least… slowly I realize there’s some cold and sticky stuff dripping down my ear-lobe…I see she’s got a plastic bottle with a black liquid which she has sprayed all over my left ear and forehead! Blistering barnacles!! Whatever made her do that!! Did I look like some character out of a loony bin??
I panic… don’t know what to do. I keep walking trying to get away from her… but she walks right in front of me giving me withering looks and mumbling obscenities including some choori-chaku stuff in Hindi (that sure quickened my pace!!)… I am too shocked to be able to do anything… just want to get away from her. I get into office, wash away all the black stuff… it’s quite sometime before I’m back to feeling normal.

Now in retrospect, I wonder why she did it… I’ve had/heard of similar experiences that my friends have had with mad people, mostly the desolate beggars on the streets… makes me wonder, what thoughts run in their minds to behave the way they do… may be I looked like some one she despised or may be she was scared that I’d harm her in some way because of some prior bad experience she’s had… whatever it is… at that moment I was enraged, but now, I’m filled with a sense of pity…but I need to be careful… wouldn’t want our paths to cross again


10 thoughts on “Morning tryst with madness

  1. alli nodu
    illi nodu
    hunasey marada bhootha nodu!!


    (ps:- I don’t know any of you, am I welcome to blog-crash? Would love to visit the blogs of your friends too)

  2. These northies are ruining our city. The culture, security, everything goin for a toss. Namma Bengalooru getting dangerously transformed into “Hamaara Bangalore”…sob sob 😦

  3. Sameer said…
    These northies are ruining our city. The culture, security, everything goin for a toss. Namma Bengalooru getting dangerously transformed into “Hamaara Bangalore”…sob sob 😦

    11:13 PM

    hmmm…am not in India but I see myself in Bengalooru after a few years. and I won’t be having a place that I can call my own…Bengalooru is not my home town…I have to be there becaue I may work there…so goes for every “northie”, they are the people who are there seeking a work and a future….and if they like to keep in touch with their culture, nothing wrong in it. let us, the “Uttu Oratagaara” (courtesy: – Vataal Nagraj) Kannadigaru flaunt our Kannada-ness. let the kannada-talibanis flourish :-). you see Kannadigas from all over Karnataka in Bengalooru these days…that is a welcome sign and no wonder the Kannada movies are making such a brisk busines in Bengalooru…


  4. Well said Mr./Ms Anonymous. I was initially of the feeling that Bangalore is the California of India..fully cosmopolitan bla bla bla…but the ill culture that gets rubbed off by some of these so called “open minded and modern” people (i’ve observed them to be from north), is disgusting. Real estate, daily accessories, products, gizmos, grocery..watever – u name it..its price is going northwards.

    Gone are the days of Balamurali Krishna and Bheemsen Joshi jugalbandi. welcome to dance bars, pubs and discotheques. Gone are the days of rama navami and hanumat jayanti. welcome to valentine’s day, daters day, dooms day! Truly, its Paradise lost!

    I am a staunch believer that the gap between the poor and rich here is getting wider and we are in for a socio-economic revolution in the near future.

    And Kannada movies? no way!

    Ur an interesting person. do i know u?

  5. guys, thanks for visiting my page… but please continue this obviously interesting-only-to-u and totally-uncalled-for discussion elsewhere. My blog was neither about “Kannadigas” nor any “northies” nor anything else that u guys are speaking about…so kindly excuse me and the others.

  6. where is the so called blog-comments-tolerance? 😦

    yeradu saalu
    matteradu saalu
    pukkatey haratey
    yaakishtu galatey?
    pukkatey jaaga
    yaakishtu kopa?

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