Fun with family…

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday evening?
Go shopping with sis to Malleshwaram?
Catch a movie at PVR with school friends?
Crash-land at a friend’s place and gossip about everybody under the sun?
Spend it at home, curled up with your fav book / soulful music?
Any of the above would translate into a Sunday well-spent for me… but yesterday proved to be so much fun, without me having to do any of the afore-mentioned stuff…

Y’day evening saw my uncle and fly. land up at our place, after quite a few weeks. The evening turned out to be unexpectedly enjoyable. After initial no-no, I was talked into being the fourth player for a game of carrom-doubles. Carrom has been like a family game for us, nearly everyone (with the exception of my aunts and mom) plays it. Though my play is no great shakes, I play fairly decently. The only problem was, I was hopelessly out-of-touch as I’d not so much as ventured anywhere near the carrom board for the past several months, hence the reluctance.

After announcing this disclaimer and making sure that I won’t be held responsible for any casualties later, I paired up with my uncle while dad and grand-dad were the other invincible combo. Now, it’s great fun when my grandpa’s around, you get to hear some A-class, absolutely hilarious first-hand commentary, peppered with his delightful whoops when he pockets the queen to his despairing laments when he has missed a particularly simple shot; there’s never a dull moment. To top it all, he sometimes even forgets if he is playing for the black or white coins!! When it comes to carrom, we are an amazingly crazy family!! What’s more? Amidst all this fun and frolic, we got to eat piping hot, spicy mummy-made ‘aambode’ and washed it down with some masala tea!! Aha… seemed like utopia! We played 2 games and won one apiece. I managed to surprise the others (and not to forget, myself) by pocketing some really good shots. Guess I wasn’t too much out-of-touch, after all 🙂

It sure felt wonderful to be sitting down with my family and spend these few happy hours with them. Reminded me of the school days when the 2 families (ours and my uncle+ grandpa) lived in the 2 stories of the same building. Those days, evenings such as this was a regular feature, we’d all gather together for carrom or dinner (we had some absolutely delightful moonlight dinners on the terrace!!) or better still, to watch a game of cricket.

One such evening is still fresh in my memory. It must have been a Saturday evening… the India-Pakistan, ’96 World Cup quarter-final, day-night match played here in B’lore. I remember India batted first and put up a decent score of 280-ish, thanks to some gutsy initial batting by Sidhu and wonderful stroke-play by Jadeja in the slog overs. A few scenes remain etched in memory…
the Pak bowler Ata-ur-Rehman had difficulty staying on the field, seemed to have eaten something he shouldn’t have 😀
result: he was puking all over the place!! Yuck!

Indians bowling, the score read something like 88/0 after 10 overs, Venky bowling, Sohail hits a four, swaggers down to Prasad, points a finger and asks him to have his fielder at the boundary…Prasad glares… the next ball, he comes charging down and fattak!! Sohail’s stumps do a somersault. The stadium erupts with joy and so do we all at home!! 🙂

Well…nostalgia…what makes these moments so much more sweeter is that we experienced it together; be it the ecstacy at India winning or disgust and despair at losing, be it anything, we were all there… These memories always leave me wishing and yearning for more such days …


7 thoughts on “Fun with family…

  1. Ayoooo.. i feel like running back home right now …
    I remember having the bisi-bisi bondas Amma makes while i lazily sit in front of the idoit box with C&H in hand on sundays…

  2. One Heaven of a weekend Anu! Mine wasn’t so bad either – Took my niece for her first swim and remembered the ingenious plans I used to make to get out of the pool when I was her age!

  3. This was wondeful! Thanx for bringing back memories!
    We used to play a lot of carrom in our family too. The best thing was my grandmother who used to play at 80!! (she is no more 😦 ).
    We had a very good carrom board…which I think was given away a year or so back coz nobody used it and it as gathering dust.

  4. [raghu]: my grandpa too was 78 and played very well, he passed away recently. We had a very old carrom board, my dad and uncles played on it for nearly 25-30 years, its still there but not used anymore, we’ve bought new boards.
    I’m glad u liked the post 🙂

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