Of dreams, choices and hope…

Wish we never had a choice in life. It would’ve been best if all our actions and reactions were not only pre-destined but also pre-decided, so one didn’t have to trouble one’s gray-cells to decide about anything.
Choice I think is the root cause for all misery. When you know you have the freedom to choose, you dream of all the choices you’ll have, you aspire for the best. And when you dream, there is every chance that it won’t be fulfilled, then, there is only disappointment and dejection. You kid yourself about all the wonderful stuff waiting to happen, build up the excitement within you, only to see it all go phus… like a deflated balloon!
Actually, when you come to think of it, the real problem is when you know that others have a choice and you don’t. Then you wish that your life was as full-of-choices as theirs… hopeless wishes and hapless hopes!
I know, what’s life without all the rosy dreams and eternal hope??
But then, what’s the point in cherishing dreams that you know are never gonna be fulfilled or hoping against hope for some miracle that’ll never happen? It’ll only cause you untold misery and pain…


3 thoughts on “Of dreams, choices and hope…

  1. Optimism is the essence of life. I’ve never seen u hopeless before! Its even more disappointing when u make a choice and it turns out to be not the best one! Take a chill pill. It happens.

  2. Fantasy versus Reality… I have seen reality win most of the time. Patience matters and sometimes it just happens that dreams look bigger and unreachable. To be happy, remember the Fox and the grapes and the rest is simple :D.
    Enough of gyaan I guess…chill ya…it’s life.

  3. Hey… nothing is permanent in this world! So.. take it as it comes and forget when it goes… i know its easier said than done… Cheer up.. Tomm is a brand new day!

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