For the past few days, anything I touch feels rough and scaly. Remember that Santa Singh joke, where he complains to the doctor that any part of his body that he touches aches, only to find that it’s his finger that’s broken?!! Yeah, it’s my palms; for some reason they’ve become all scurfy and the skin’s been peeling off.
(So there, if u’ve been wondering what all that flaky whitish stuff around my desk and comp was… now you know :D)

My ‘why’ has been met with a variety of reasons ranging from, ‘It’s the heat, use coconut oil…’ to ‘It must be an allergy’ to my mom’s version of ‘It’s a natural phenomenon, happens once to everybody, the old skin gives way to new…’ (like a snake shedding it’s skin and slithering away every few years?!!)… but none of them satisfactory. Finally I decided to consult a doctor, had to give in to my sister’s nagging… guess she could not put up with me peeling off itsy-bitsy flaky parts every few minutes, any longer!!
Funny how a single action can result in 2 completely contrasting reactions…my sis is disgusted, while Teena is filled with envy and deep regret that the skin on her palms never ever behaves like mine!! 😀

So, yesterday I decided to leave office at earthly hours when the sky was still light and darkness hadn’t settled in. At the clinic, the doctor asked me a few expected funny questions like: ‘Have you been washing a lot of clothes lately? (Not much of a chance of that happening!) and ‘Do your palms sweat a lot?’ (Incidentally, it’s not right to say so… if there’s one lesson I remember my high-school Bio teacher teaching us, it is this: ‘Only animals sweat, human beings perspire’) After I answered in the negative to all of the above, he prescribed 2 skin creams to be used twice a day, for 2 weeks (with some strict but well-meant advice to use gloves while washing plates or whatever it is that I wash and to be more generous in the use of my moisturizer!!:)) The whole rigmarole cost me 150 rupees, but what’s more disconcerting is, my ‘why’ still remains unanswered…


4 thoughts on “Palm-mystery

  1. Liked the pun in u’r title! As for the mystery, even i have had this flaking before, and i tend to agree with u’r mom, that it’s a natural process. As long as it’s not accompanied by itching, should’nt be a problem. Yes, it does disgust a few to see our palms, but who has ever liked to watch any process. Most of us are more interested in the end results and not the process. So i would say, just marvel at th rejuvenation process of skin and let it be. But then u can’t let the skin ointments go waste…so i guess u will be applying them too. Have a good weekend!

  2. Skin peeling or not, your article is very appealing. very fresh and rejuvinating. i make it a point to read ur stuff while i get back home…its light..its its….cant express in words but feels like i’m floating, no gravity at all…its all airy-fairy. Very well compiled. Palms off..oops! Hats off!!!

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