Of New Beginnings…

The description says it all… why did I take the plunge after much trepidation?
Well… may be ‘coz blogging is a fad these days or may be this is my way of tackling monotony and boredom.
Boredom arising out of a home-office-home 10-hour work-day routine, 5 days a week, with the lure and promises of weekend stress-busting fun times with friends, which 90% of the times don’t materialize; thanks to their busy schedules or my familial and social obligations…

Let’s put a few disclaimers in place first:

* My posts will be long, when I mean long, I mean LONG. I remember reading that blogs have to be precise and concise with links to the the relevant details. Well, brevity is not my cup of tea. Whatever I need to tell, I tell it with long sentences and a lot of words (I guess that’s self-evident ;)) So, people (if there’re gonna be any!!) looking for brief, to-the-point-stuff, ciao… it was nice having you here!

* Having been a regular reader of my friends’ blogs, one apprehension I’ve had is about my style of writing. I’m no good at using high-flown language, the words just don’t come to mind! (may be ‘coz I never quite got around to preparing for a CAT or a GRE πŸ˜€ ) So, my stuff’s gonna be in strict no-nonsense, plain-Jane kinda English (with a sprinkling of Kannada of course, can’t keep away from it for too long!), minus all the frills and flounces.

Well, guess that’s it for now… but I’ll update this list when more come to mind.

Hoping to have new learnings and loads of fun πŸ™‚
Hmm… it sure feels great to have made a beginning…


5 thoughts on “Of New Beginnings…

  1. Keep it up girl.. looks lovely and not many will buy the language bull****. All the best and make sure you’re blogging for your self more than anyone else.. Gyaan apart, do keep time for us when u get flooded with fan mail πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Anu, this is awesome. I love your style of being modest :)…Well, you have a good vocabulary and I wonder when you make use of that in such a nice way ! Keep writing and I am sure you will be happy coz you do things with good interest and not kust for the sake of it !

  3. Gube, thanks a ton. U hit the nail on the head, my intention is the same, blog for self. Let’s not get our hopes high about the fan mail…

    Sandy, thanks so much. I sure will be happy if I get comments like this…

    U girls are the best-est!!

  4. Congratulations girlie! Am glad you did it finally! Put aside all those misgivings about exposing one’s thoughts to the world.
    And btw, from when did ‘Modesty’
    become your middle name!;)
    Keep it going, girl!


  5. Thanks Muktha.
    Believe me, modesty has never been any of my names… I’m just trying to forewarn u guys…that’s all πŸ™‚

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